Developments in technology essay

Over the years, developments in technology have allowed unprecedented success in various aspects of education. As found in the study of Goldman, Cole, and Syer (1999), there are an increasing number of schools that already have fully equipped and operational computer labs as well as computers in every classroom. The internet connectivity that has heralded the entrance of the cyberspace age has also allowed teaching to go beyond the four walls of classrooms into virtually any space in the world. These advancements are the keys to providing the next step in increasing achievement scores.

The first step in understanding how this can be attained is by understanding the impact and reach of this technology. Current data reveals that nearly ninety percent (90%) of all schools have access to the internet. Of this ninety percent (90%), over forty percent (40%) of the instructors have access to this in the classrooms. Using these statistics, one can see the potential that this has for improving the method of instruction in class which will eventually lead to better achievement scores. By increasing access to the internet for teachers as well as students, one can also improve the access to more information.

This information is vital in the instruction process. As most websites provide interactive lessons, the retention factor among students also improves thus leading to better academic performance. The daily updates and consultations that this interconnectivity provides is also essential because it allows teachers to monitor the students who are performing poorly and as such provide the additional guidance that they need. As a method of improving achievement scores, there is virtually no limitation to what technology can provide.

As shown in this short discussion, even the internet can be used effectively to provide the additional instruction that students need to perform well in class. These tool are constantly evolving, however, and the challenge for every instructor lies in being able to use these effectively in teaching their students.

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