Descriptive Statistics and Sampling essay

DescriptiveStatistics and Sampling

Otherdescriptive statistics

Weatherand its descriptive statistics have been a major part of givingforecasting figures of the larger meteorological sector of the world.Therefore, in this particular context, the 70-degree temperaturewould be a significant departure with its other descriptivestatistics which. The other qualitative and quantitative descriptivestatistics that the weather report would need to prove its viabilitythe mode, the geometric mean, the harmonic mean and the coefficientof variation (Dassanayake,2013).The mode would be a particular interest in its recurring nature itgives a model figure for the temperatures at the specific location.

Theharmonic mean would be very worth when the temperatures have severaloutliers in the reports collected. It helps in providing the best fitto the data presented. Moreover, on the geometric mean, the weatherreport would benefit from it since it used in circumstances wheredata are inter-related. It gives the proportionate ordisproportionate associations of the given data. The coefficient ofvariation would act more like the standard deviation, but it offers amore realistic view of the data dispersion around the mean (Aloui,Zioui, Ourbih-Tari, &amp Alioui, 2014).It is used in all circumstances and depends less if the data areinter-related.

Importanceof sampling

Thesample size of a given population provides a general view of theentire population, and therefore, it is imperative to have samplingdata that could be easily be collected, analyzed and interpreted onbehalf of the total population. Samples help in achieving the marginof error and attaining the necessary confidence level of the wholepopulation (Aloui,Zioui, Ourbih-Tari, &amp Alioui, 2014).Samples are a justifiable statistical inference that gives a chanceof detecting differences among the studied groups. Sampling beforedata collection is of the essence in since it paves the way indetermining the expected costs and would also make the statisticiansand researchers to get away with the unnecessary components of theirvarious studies (Heitz&amp d`Eon, 2014).


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