Depending on the environment essay

Actions are often based on thought, emotion and feedbacks from other people. There are varying reasons why human performs certain actions. But the degree of action is really driven by emotion which depends upon the kind of environment that a person belongs Solomon, 2004). Actions are also said to be based on cognitive decisions which merges from the interaction of body, brain and environment (Solomon, 2004).

This means that one of the great factors that influences one to do something aside from mind and body is the kind of environment that surrounds him/her. A noisy environment may irritate someone and trigger angry emotions (Solomon, 2004). This emotion will later on result for a person to do unnecessary actions to stop the noise on the environment (Goldie, 2000). The attention is now diverted and another action has been done because of too much emotion on the environment. Although deep feelings and emotions like anger and sadness last a few seconds, it can trigger traces of negativity afterwards (Goldie, 2000).

It can go as far as series of smaller similar emotions which is unhealthy when put into actions Solomon, 2004). Environmental stimulus makes emotions and actions go what is unexpected to happen (Hurley, 1998). There are also claims that the actions driven by emotions depends on how the subject interprets the surrounding environment (Goldie, 2000). Whatever the interpretation maybe, still the actions is driven by emotion and the environment. In order to assess ones action a clearer awareness and understanding of the environment must also be considered Solomon, 2004).

Actions after all are not only based on the current emotions since the environment can easily reverse a person’s feelings in just a snap.


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