Good Definition Essay Topics to Make a Great Paper

A definition essay explains the particular term to the readers. If you want to create a successful paper, you need to choose an interesting topic for your future work. In our article, you will find many ideas for definition essays writing. Follow our recommendations and read our list of brilliant topics!

Your primary goal is to define a particular term. There are various ways you can do it:

  • Define a term by function. It means you should give a detailed explanation of how something works.
  • Define a word by a structure. Explain how a particular item is organized.
  • Define a term by analysis. Compare the issue to other items and find differences.

And here are the main steps to create a good definition essay:

  1. Choose a particular term to define. Avoid words you do not understand because your goal is to explain the term clearly to your readers.
  2. Work with additional sources (encyclopedias, vocabularies, etc.) to get all possible definitions of the phenomena you have chosen.
  3. Explain in the introduction what term you’re going to define in your paper.
  4. Write a body part: put details about the selected word in 2-3 paragraphs.
  5. Make a logical conclusion.
  6. Proofread your paper to correct mistakes.

100 Topics for Definition Essay — Successful and Interesting

Here is a list of 100 good definition essay topics we want to share with our readers:

Courage Definition Essay Topics

  1. What is the meaning of the word “courage” in the modern world?
  2. Moral courage vs physical courage.
  3. Do heroism and courage have the same meaning?
  4. What does the word “courage” mean to you?
  5. How would you define a courage person?
  6. The role of moral courage for a democratic society.
  7. Do modern men have less courage compared to men of the 19th century?
  8. Courageousness of people who fight an illness.
  9. What losing the courage means to a soldier?
  10. How does courage help athletes to win a competition.

Heroism Definition Essay Topics

  1. The most bright example of the act of heroism.
  2. Definition of heroism.
  3. Can heroism be measured?
  4. What does heroism mean to you?
  5. Why is heroism important?
  6. Definition of a real hero.
  7. How does heroism help people to win the war?
  8. What is the difference between heroism and bravery?
  9. Define your own act of heroism.
  10. Can women show acts of heroism?

Beauty Definition Essay Topics

  1. Vision on beauty from different sources.
  2. What does beauty mean to you?
  3. Outer and inner beauty.
  4. Why do all celebrities seem beautiful to us?
  5. Beauty in the 21st century compared to beauty in the 18th century.
  6. How can beauty change the world?
  7. Define the most beautiful person.
  8. What does it matter for a man to be handsome?
  9. What does it matter for a woman to be beautiful?
  10. The beauty of the body and beauty of the heart.

Privacy Definition Essay Topics

  1. The meaning of privacy.
  2. Privacy in the modern world.
  3. What does privacy mean to celebrities?
  4. Privacy on the Internet.
  5. The matter of privacy for politics.
  6. The issue of privacy rights for famous people.
  7. Social media and privacy.
  8. What does the word “privacy” mean to you?
  9. Definition of complete privacy.
  10. Privacy at home.

Fashion Definition Essay Topics

  1. Definition of fashion.
  2. How does fashion rule the world?
  3. Fashion for different cultures.
  4. What does fashion mean to you?
  5. Define a fashionable person.
  6. The fashion of the 21st century and 18th century.
  7. What do fashion and style mean to the modern society?
  8. Definition of fashion trends.
  9. What does it mean to follow fashion trends?
  10. What does fashion mean for men and women?

Respect Definition Essay Topics

  1. What does it mean to you to have respect for elders?
  2. Definition of the word “respect.”
  3. Modern society and disrespect.
  4. Definition of the respect for various nations.
  5. What does it mean for kids to respect each other?
  6. Define an example of respect.
  7. Definition of a word “respect” from the English dictionary.
  8. Respect for other people and respect for things.
  9. The meaning of respect for our society.
  10. Describe an example of respect for the work.

Honesty Definition Essay Topics

  1. What is honesty?
  2. The phenomenon of honesty and moral in modern society.
  3. What does honesty mean to you?
  4. Define an example of the honest person’s acting.
  5. Can the honesty be different?
  6. Honesty and truthfulness: are these terms equal?
  7. Define an example of the act of honesty in your life.
  8. Does the term of honesty change over time?
  9. What does honesty mean to liars?
  10. Difference between honesty and sincerity.

Home Definition Essay Topics

  1. Definition of home for different people.
  2. What does a word “home” mean to homeless people?
  3. Meaning of home for modern people and a primitive society.
  4. What do you think about while hearing a word “home”?
  5. Definition of home and homeland.
  6. What does a homeland mean to people?
  7. Home and safety.
  8. Is a word “home” associated with “castle” for you?
  9. Old home and a new home.
  10. What does home mean to kids?

Poverty Definition Essay Topics

  1. Definition of poverty according to the dictionary.
  2. Why is the term of poverty different for various people?
  3. Poverty and poorness.
  4. Definition of poverty of life.
  5. The poverty of life compared to the poverty of mind.
  6. What does the problem of child poverty mean to the government?
  7. Definition of the poverty country.
  8. Definition of the poverty level.
  9. Why do so many people live in poverty?
  10. Definitions of poverty and necessity.

Masculinity/Femininity Definition Essay Topics

  1. The term of masculinity and femininity.
  2. Machismo and masculinity.
  3. Definition of femininity for various women.
  4. Why do so many women show their masculinity instead of femininity?
  5. Femininity and feminism.
  6. Masculinity and men’s power over women.
  7. Define feminine qualities.
  8. Femininity in the modern society.
  9. Masculinity in the primitive society.
  10. What do the terms “femininity” and “masculinity” mean to you?

We hope you have got exciting ideas for your future paper after reading our article. Wish you good luck in writing a successful definition paper!