Defining a Leader essay

Politics is a very crucial field by which is governed by a number of leaders that posses different kinds of leadership skills and strategies. There are those whom we call diplomats, democrats and those that are authoritative or in some ways are dictators. In the interview held with Mr. Michael Frank who is a Vice President of the Herbal Life Corporation, he defines a leader to be someone who is considerate enough to give chance to others to follow his/her deliberative ways and strategies.

A leader for Mr. Frank is someone who can actually do the “leading”: a way after which people will b e walking towards a certain goal that will benefit not only the members of the organization or group but even the other people who are in the society. In the examples of leaders that he had worked with before, he already experience different kinds of leaders that also led him to adjust and become accustomed with the best way he can work with them.

Of course, people are different with each other thus they are possessing different strategies and levels of imposing authority to others. Moreover, he views a good leader, based from his experience to be good in communicating his/her ideas with integrity and honesty. In my own opinion, Mr. Frank was not that articulate enough to explain things clearly. The statements were vague and that the concept of a good leader as he discussed it is plainly simple. On the other hand, I found him trying his best to accomplish his goal of becoming a respectable and responsible.

His definitions of a good leader may help him build a good character of a leader who sees to it that the goal of the organization is met on the average, and if possible, to its highest attainment. Maybe, it is just important that a leader will set some limitations so that he/she may not tend to please everybody. Setting limitations may also bring the group their grounds of giving respect to their leaders.


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