Dear Mayor of Des Moines, essay

DearMayor of Des Moines,

Iam a student of Highline College, in the heart of your municipal.Recently, I went to college with my car. Right outside our college,we have a lot of parking spaces. I parked my car there and left forclass, assuming that I would find my car as I left it safe. However,after finishing the class, I returned to my car and discovered thatit was hit by someone else`s car! I tried questioning the car parksecurity officers to find out who had hit my car, but they all toldme that they did not hear any unusual sounds from the parking lot. Iwas irritated by the fact that I could not find the person that hitmy car. Mr. Mayor, pardon me if I am wrong, but I assume that if youwere in such a situation, you would long to know the individual thathit your car. You would want to know who this irresponsible person isso that he or she would take responsibility for his or her actions.Wouldn`t you?

Thisis the predicament I was in when the reality of never catching thehit-and-run culprit in my incident sunk in. Mr. Mayor, at thisinstance, I realized that many parking spots in Des Moines do nothave security cameras. If there were security cameras in the HighlineCollege parking lot, they would have recorded the incidence, Mr.Mayor. With assistance of the security footage, we would obtain avehicle identification number, from which I would start the trail ofgetting to know who crushed into my car. But sadly, there were nosecurity cameras. Mr. Mayor, I trust that I am not speaking formyself because I believe that there are hundred, probably thousandsmore, who have been victims of hit-and-run motorists but have nevercaught the culprits. Des Moines deserves to be a crime-free zone, soI strongly support the installation of security cameras for theprevention of accidents like this one.

Inaddition to my experience, Mr. Mayor, there is a very close friend ofmine who went through a sorrowful incidence last week. Since Hailey`s(not real name) car broke down about two weeks ago, I have been theone dropping her off at the bus stop. Unfortunately, on this day, Iwas busy in the library finishing on something so Hailey had to walkto the bus stop. As she was happily walking to the bus stop, a malein a black leather jacket approached her and to scare her, showed hera gun! To avoid being shot, Hailey had to surrender her expensivemobile phone and all the money she had. After the thief took all hervaluable possessions and ran away, Hailey immediately went to thepolice and reported the incident. The police were very cooperative,but it was saddening that they would not catch up to the thiefbecause they did not know the street he used to escape from thescene. To date, the culprit is still out there, still stealing frominnocent and law abiding residents of Des Moines.

However,this narrative would be a different one if there were securitycameras installed around the zones where Hailey was robbed atgunpoint. I believe that if security cameras were installed at thescene, the robber would have been caught by now. He would not beroaming in our streets, robbing innocent residents of Des Moines, Mr.Mayor. Personally, if I were to walk a mile in Hailey`s shoes, Iwould want the robber to go to jail as well. With all due respect,Mr. Mayor, I assume that you must have fallen victim to thieves atsome point in your lifetime. And I know your sentiments were the sameafter being robbed. Therefore, Mr. Mayor, I believe that theinstallation of security cameras in different spots within Des Moineswill prevent the occurrence of such criminal activities because thecriminals will be afraid of being caught on tape perpetrating theirevil plans. These security cameras will be critical in assisting thelaw enforcement officers to arrest offenders, thereby reducing theincidences of criminal activities in Des Moines.

Theother day, while I was driving to college, I came across an accidentwhere both drivers were arguing at the top of their voices, blamingeach other for causing the accident. These drivers spent so much timearguing to a point that they caused a minor traffic jam. Mr. Mayor, Ibet that you can agree with me that if there was a security camera atthe scene of the accident, the footage recorded would help the policedetermine who the real cause of the crash was. Mr. Mayor, I know thatyou have witnessed such incidences in our beloved municipality, and Ifirmly believe that the installation of security cameras on thestreets of Des Moines would prevent the occurrence of suchincidences. Mr. Mayor, I am a hundred percent certain of the factthat if all motorists in Des Moines are informed that securitycameras are being installed to watch their moves, they woulddefinitely tame their driving behaviors! I believe so because sincecameras will be recording footage, the data recorded can be used asevidence in cases where no one is accepting liability in case of anaccident. Therefore, drivers will be more watchful of their driving,which will prevent the occurrence of accidents in Des Moines justbecause cameras are recording all their actions.

Youmight argue that security cameras violate people`s privacy. You mayfeel uncomfortable whenever you are in a place surrounded by securitycameras because they are constantly watching all the moves you aremaking. That is an excellent point. Cameras do watch every littlething we do including the “seemingly private.” However, Mr.Mayor, I firmly believe that for you to reap the fruits of your&quotprivate space,&quot you have to be in a safe and secureenvironment. As a matter of fact, the residents of Des Moines enjoytheir privacy because of the pleasant level of security in yourmunicipal. In your capacity as the Mayor of Des Moines, I trust thatyou have the interest of improving the quality of the lives yourpeople at heart and security is certainly one of the determiningfactors of the quality of life. Security cameras tag along morebenefits despite the fact that they interfere with the privacy ofindividuals sometimes.

Securitycameras, Mr. Mayor, are of significant importance in the preventionof crime and accidents. Because of security cameras, thieves will beafraid of stealing from people for the fear of being caught afterbeing identified by the security cameras. Additionally, if securitycameras are installed in Des Moines, motorists will be careful withtheir driving because they are aware that they are undersurveillance. As a result, the cases of crime and accidents willsignificantly reduce in Des Moines signifying an improvement in thequality of life of the residents of Des Moines municipality.Apparently, security cameras are beneficial even though they mightinterfere with personal privacy from time and again. Therefore, Mr.Mayor, I trust that your consideration of the installation ofsecurity cameras in our municipality will upgrade our quality of lifein Des Moines by preventing and reducing crimes and accidents.


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