Database Design for Used-Book Stores essay

DatabaseDesign for Used-Book Stores


CSC316 SLP 1

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Indatabase system management, the use of entity relationship modelplays a major role in helping one to understand the glimpse of howthe database works. It also shows how entities are related to eachother, and one example is the use of the primary key. In a databasemanagement system, the primary key is used to uniquely identify therecords in a table hence in an entity relationship model it will beused to link the attributes related to it.

Inmy database design, I will use the Chen entity relationship model todescribe how the database works and the relationships involved in themodel.

Chenentity diagram method

Inthe model, Item Entity has a many to many relationships with theproduct attributes. The item which is in the inventory has attributesas indicated on the model. The attributes are mainly viewable to theseller of the items. When the product is to be sold to a customer,the only attributes associated will be the Unit price, product ID,Selling Price and the name of the product. One major attribute is theProduct ID, which is the Foreign Key linking the two entities. Theentity model shows the processes involved in the database managementsystem and from the model, one can understand the database better.


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