Customers in the market essay

In today’s modern world where industrialization and computerization is widely applied, it is but normal for organizations to carefully plan every aspect of activity in and out of the company itself. The success of any company stems from a carefully planned and proper implementation of, not just rules and regulations but also of the activities to help the company achieve competitive advantage and to make the company compete in the global market. An organization, whether big or small, is considered as a system in itself – a system which has its objectives and goals to achieve in order to meet the demands of the customers in the market.

This system is composed of different a subsystem – which has also its goals and objectives to attain to. If subsystems work as expected, the entire system is also successful. Therefore, one can say that the success of an organization depends on the success of each department within the organization. To come up with strategies for a particular organization, it is best to undergo a systems analysis consultation. This must be done in order for the management to have a guide as the things that needs to be done to achieve company success.

Systems analysis includes the study of the different subsystems in an organization and the proper implementation of activities to make the company work. Company Profile The medical institution has employed three physicians to take care of their patients. At present, the company is using “A Medical Manager” software to keep track of the records of the patients. This is helpful for them since records are properly managed. However, the hardware and software used need upgrade as technology rapidly changes.

Hardware Specifications In the world where everybody wants an immediate response to queries and inquires, it is best for company to use hardware components which are the best in its field. The 7 computers must be upgraded to newer versions of such devices. Each patient room must have one Personal The desktop computer in each patient room must be equipped with the needed software in order to best store and manage records of the patients. One of the most important software that has to be installed is the Operating System.

In this modern world, it is best to install Microsoft Vista Operating System. The operating system has the following summarized features: (These features are excerpt from http://www. microsoft. com/windows/products/windowsvista/features/details/accessibility. mspx) Major accessibility improvements in Windows Vista include: The new Ease of Access Center to help you find the settings and tools that make it easier for you to see, hear, and use your computer. Improved magnification capabilities in Microsoft Magnifier.

Improved text-to-speech capabilities in Microsoft Narrator. The new Speech Recognition experience that lets you interact with your computer by voice. Networking This operating system provides networking capabilities easier, safer and more reliable. With this operating system, it is easier to configure wired and wireless internet connections. Software At present, The Medical Manager software keeps track of the records of the patients in the hospital. This would mean easy retrieval of records when needed.

However, this software needs to be upgraded such that it would not be capable of doing the following actions: Quicker and easier management of patients’ record (such as editing, updating, deleting of entries, adding of entries) Easier printing of records Management of prescriptions given by doctors (such as printing of prescriptions, saving these prescription for future use) Most importantly, the system must be web-based so that patients who want to access history of illnesses can do so without the need to go personally to the hospital. Conclusion

In the will of the management to serve patients better, the hardware and software needed to provide a more convenient way of record keeping is best suited. The above-mentioned features are best so that each patient is assured with properly maintained records for future retrieval. All these stem from doing a proper systems analysis which includes proper dealing of the different entities prior to their implementation (http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Systems_analysis).

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