Curbing Obesity essay


Obesityinvolves having excess body fat to the extent of predisposing thebody to different detrimental health implications. In the UnitedStates, 68% of the adults are either overweight or obese (Etzioni,2014). Contrary to the perceptions of man people, obese andoverweight are two different conditions. According to Taylor (2005),overweight individuals have their body mass index ranging from 25 to30. When it exceeds beyond 30, an individual is considered obese. Thecondition has various effects on people`s behavior (Taylor, 2005).Obese people may have a low self-esteem since they may considerthemselves unattractive. The rationale for this is because peoplehave conventionally defined the appearance of an attractive personthat discriminates those who are obese.

Obesepeople can reduce the excess fat by employing several measures.Etzioni (2014) agrees that accumulation of calories is the majorcause of obesity. Eating low-fat foods can help in reducing fat inthe body. Fruits and vegetables are some of the recommended foods tocorrect the condition.

Inaddition, exercise is imperative in burning excess calories. Most ofthe obese people rarely exercise. While breaking sweat is not apreferred method for many people, there are simple routine activitiesin which people can integrate exercise (Etzioni, 2014). They include,walking instead of driving over short distances, jogging, climbing gstairs, lifting small loads among others.

Anothercorrective measure to curb obesity is having a regular BMI check.According to (Taylor, 2005), people gain weight gradually, and beforethey are consciously aware of it, there are either overweight orobese. Having a regular BMI check can help in making decisions of theright diet as well as seeking professional nutritional help.

Conclusively,obesity is becoming an imperative public issue in the developedcountries. The increased consumption of processed foods that havehigh levels of calories and lack of exercise are major causes ofobesity. Having a regular exercise, eating low-fat foods, and regularchecking one`s BMI can assist in curbing obesity.


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