Culture and Communication: The Connection essay

As mentioned earlier, most of the people who are new to a foreign land would not easily be able to grasp the basics of the communication procedures used in those particular areas of the world. Mostly, people who are native and those who are foreign in a certain land would decode the messages that they receive from talking with others through the use of their cultural lenses. This is the way that indicates how they should interpret a certain message based form the body language, the facial expression and the tone of the one speaking the message.

Most often than not, as the cultures are different among many nations, the ways of communicating with each other also differ so much in terms of the delivery of the message (Gudykunst, 1988, 21). Because of the said differences, there occur some problems of understanding what the message really is all about. As for example, in America alone, there are different races of people who are living in a particular community. At some point when someone says “Shut-up”, the idea is not the same as to how the language itself posts the theme of the sentence or the phrase.

To some, this means a way of reacting when he or she is surprised by certain news, while to some, this may appear as a way by which he or she is being stopped or ceased from speaking which simply denotes disrespect. From this example, it could be noted that the judgment of the listener upon what has been suddenly told him would be much depending on how he has been particularly used to in using that particular language. This is the primary reason why it is certainly important to reduce too much judgment on the conversation based upon the cultural lens of the listener.

This procedure would help reduce the problems that happen with regards the sending and the receiving of the idea or the message when one is in the middle of a conversation between a foreign national. True, regulating this situation is not that easy. In fact the said procedure of regulating the situation requires ample determination of an individual to establish a fine relationship with other people through the use of effective communication. Breaking the Silence In business, communication procedures are a primary part in transacting with investors as well as clients around the world.

It should then be noted that the effective use of this particular process of reconnecting with other people should be constantly applied by those whoa re involved in the said conversational connection. At some point, there are those who are having a hard time disregarding their cultural judgment upon the speech of others that they are already subjected to disagreements between others who are simply trying to convey a message to them (Lull, 2000, 51). The disagreements could have occurred because of the tone used by each conversant.

The ways by which each person receives the message is primarily the reason why it is indeed certain that the misunderstanding occurs. This is the reason why as globalization continues to invade the dealings of the major business organizations around the world, the ways of cultural adjustments and the ways by which breaking the barriers of communication is done should be well implemented especially among those who are dealing with professional transactions using whether oral or written procedure of communicating. Breaking the Barriers

To be able to deal with the problem, it is necessary for the conversant to particularly see to it that the major elements of communication are being addressed within the changes that need to be applied in communicating with other people. The said elements may include tone, the regional defect of speech and grammar, the rhythm of the speech, the strength of the stressing points and the original culture of the person being talked to. It should be noted to that the following practices be carefully given attention to:

(a) Listen Closely to what is being talked about (b) Consider adjusting to the regional or the national language of the other person (c) Allow some time for the other person to respond to what has just been related to him. The time will allow him to reconstruct the message he wants to convey to be able to avoid misunderstanding later on. (d) Look in the eyes and not on the expression of the face or the body language of the person as they may convey a different message that might cause the problem

From the four-point reminders presented herein, it could be observed that there are certain factors of communication that needs to be taken careful addressing when handling a conversation with another person. The idea is to really take responsibility of the adjustment and the wide-range understanding on what the other has to say regarding the issue being discussed in a particular conversation. This would help both parties establish a fine relationship between each other through the effective use of communication (Bonvillain, 2002, 27). DIAGRAM 3: Process of Pursuing the Presentations

If communication is done in a fine procedure whereas everybody concerned in the issue becomes involved consistently and effectively, the diagram above shall show the most effective pattern there is to make the connection between the individuals in the group more helpful to whatever presentation needs to be done by one of their teams as per appointed. Supposed Support from the Leaders The responsibilities of the leader, which should always be his major priority for the benefits of his community; this will lead to a wellness and successful organization in the society that he serves.

Wise leadership in spiritual, moral, and educational program is one of the major keys in a certain country’s future success; it is the best way to create a fruitful result that can give hope to the citizens of a particular society. Moreover, in order to build and have better leadership status in the future, the authors of book entitled “Spiritual Dimension of Leadership” provide some important guidelines that will fit to the prospective leaders.

They offer the eight key principles that can lead to a prospective leader to become a valuable and enlightened leader, it is important to discussed this eight key principle in order to understand and enlightened the important point of views on how to become a better leader and spiritual adviser to the societies and communities. These are the following guidelines that a prospective leader should have to seriously apply and understand carefully in order to empower his leadership.