Cultural transmission essay

Cultural transmission is more commonly known as a process that involves the transferring of cultural knowledge or aspects in a society from generation to generation or person to person. In the advent of clarifying things, cultural transmissions could be seen in four ways. First is that this transmission involves learning the culture. This would usually happen through imitating what could be found in the surroundings or imitating those that surrounds us. Imitation then would usually start in the family and the circle of people around you.

Cultural transmission could use the oral tradition wherein it involves the passing down of cultural values like history, law, etc. through word of mouth so it would not usually involve any written information (“Oral Tradition,” 2007, para. 1). It could also be known that oral tradition is not the only way for cultural transmissions. It was a starting tradition and the other ways could be discussed later. So what then happens here is that there is what is called the passing down of the cultural pattern.

Cultural pattern is a behavior pattern that could be seen in a society with a certain culture and it could eventually change or die down. These patterns could be good or bad. (“Cultural Patterns,” n. d. ) These cultural patterns then could be passed on to the younger generation through writing. Before, oral tradition could be sufficient in cultural transmissions but as time progressed there were newer ways to cultural transmission. As of now, the latest is the written transmission through using the advancement of our time. A good example of this would be a law.

Our culture is slowly trying not to become just a patriarchal one so there were rules or laws that were made to cater for the women’s needs and rights as part of the society. Cultural transmission then is a process that involves what was mentioned above and that it is a process that helps improves or preserves the cultural aspects of a society.


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