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The museum that I attended is the Kirkland Museum.The museum deals with the display of fine and decorative art. It islocated in Denver, Colorado. It is one of the most famous museums inthe United States. I visited this museum on 10th June 2016accompanied by my cousins. Upon arrival at the main entrance, I wasastonished by the development in the tourism industry. Never beforehad I had thought of visiting such a Museum. It was an opportunity Icould not leave. An opportunity to visit such a magnificent museumthat I had only heard and read about in the some of the historicalbooks and the documentaries I had watched.

The museum was a huge building that had some verycomplex architectural designs that were fantastic. It clearlyrepresented what one might think of an institution. We received awarm welcome from one of the attendants at the gate. In order to gainaccess to the museum, we were required to submit out tickets. One ofthe attendants gave us the history of the museum and variety ofartifacts on display.

As we strolled around, we came across an excellentart whose materials got made of bronze. It had a name on it: Quartet.William Joseph name had also been inscribed beside the quartet. Icame to learn that Joseph was the artist who came up with thismagnificent piece of art. The carving’s dimensions were 10 1/2 x 41/4 x 3 1/4 inches (Catlin-Legutko &amp Klingler, 2012). Thesedimensions were too inscribed beside the carving.

As we moved along, we came across anothermagnificent piece of art. Our guide explained it to us saying that itwas a handled vase made of ceramics. He also explained that thedesigner of this piece of fine art was George Edgar Ohr, who lived inthe 18th centuries. The vase had the dimensions of 4 1/4 x 3 5/8 x 23/4 inches. It had some markings at the bottom that displayed thename of the artist. The vase got presented as a piece in the museumunder the category of fine and decorative art.It was beautiful withwell-decorated handles that had some markings. A visitor couldconfuse these markings to decorations made of flowers. It wasmulticolored and different from all other vases that were present inthe museum. It had a broader base and a narrow opening. It lookedexactly similar to a modern day vase made of today`s materials andtechnology (Lindberg, 2013).

Another beautiful piece of art that I came acrosswithin the museum premises was that of a jazz bowl. It was a uniquekind of pot that got created by Victor Schreck. Its presentation wasdark, blue and white in color and got formed in 1930. The bowl wasmade of earthenware by Cowan Pottery and had the dimension of 8 1/8 x13 3/4 x 13 3/4 inches. Historically it got used for ceremonialpurpose due to its unique features. The jazz bowl had a narrow baseand a wider apex with decorations and markings on its surface.

In addition, there was a coffee table from theBrown Palace Hotel. The artist behind it was Donald Desk. Theattendant informed us that the coffee table got made in the 18thcentury. The dimensions of this table were 18 x 33 1/2 x 33 1/2inches. The Master Craftsmen Company also made it. Some of the otherfeatures of the table were the three wooden handles and twocompartments made of glass. It appeared beautiful and outstandingconsidering the century it got made. Indeed, it represented a highlevel of creativity (Grant &amp Rawlings, 2016).

The above pieces were the most attractive. Besidetheir attractiveness, the history behind these pieces of artoverwhelmed me. It is essential to note that many of us think that inthe 18th and 19th century there was little technological development.The artifacts resembled some of the modern pieces of art.

We spent two hours inside the museum viewing allkinds of art. On our departure, I felt the urge of having the coffeetable. The attendants were welcoming and accommodative. They alsoprovided us a lot of information on the available pieces of art inthe museum. Moreover, they also made that experience memorable.

The environment inside the museum made the wholeexperience fantastic. The surrounding had numerous pictures andpaintings as well as pieces of fine art that dated back in history. I had an opportunity of touching some of the beautiful pieces of artthat I had only read about in the history books. After visiting theKirkland Museum, I felt excited. My dream of visiting the museum hadfinally come true. I did not also expect to find welcoming attendantsand guards. Everything in Kirkland Museum was engineered to create acalm and conducive environment for the visitors.

Another aspect that astonished me was that we wereallowed to take photographs outside the museum. Visiting the museumwas one of the best experiences. Kirkland Museum is a place to be forall museum goers. I bet it provides value for your time and money.


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