Culinary Trainee essay

The current memo is aimed at evaluating the position of the Culinary Trainee at Wynn Las Vegas Inc. Job description The vacancy, found at Wynn Las Vegas, Inc. website (Wynn Las Vegas Inc. , 2007), describes the primary obligations of the future trainee. The future trainee is thus expected to be responsible for the preparation of all meat products, as well as seafood, sausage, and poultry. Trainee’s obligations will also include taking care for the cleanliness of the working area, which means that I will have to control sanitation of the premises in which I will work, especially the restricted area, where I will perform my daily tasks.

Company description The company is called ‘Wynn Resorts, Limited’, and it is currently well-known for being among the leaders of the hotel industry in the world. The company is aimed at providing luxurious clients with the hotel and entertainment services of the highest quality. Wynn Las Vegas, Inc. is operated by Wynn Resorts and includes a luxury hotel and a destination casino. (Wynn Las Vegas, 2007) It is currently managed by Mr. Stephen A. Wynn, the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer.

Being primarily targeted at luxurious services provision, the company executes well-designed code of business ethics; it is committed to following the rules and regulations of business conduct together with the principles of financial disclosure. Wynn Las Vegas, Inc. exercises the philosophy of treating its employees as guests, which means that openness, fairness and equality are the principles of relations between the employer and the employees. It is the basis of positive employer-employee relations and providing the highest level of hospitality to Wynn Las Vegas, Inc. guests.

(Wynn Las Vegas, 2007) Important qualifications Among the basic qualifications, required from the future trainee, the following should be listed: strong knowledge of the English language, ability to read and follow the menus and recipes, and basic mathematical skills. The trainee should be able to work in the team environment. Taking into account the company’s commitment, the company looks for a person, who will possess basic practical skills needed to be a trainee, but who should also be aimed at providing the company’s customers (guests) with the services of the highest quality.

The company is looking for a striving person, capable of learning. Job analysis As the position of culinary trainee requires possessing basic culinary experience and practical skills, I correspond to these requirements. Moreover, bearing in mind the company’s philosophy and commitment, I am prepared to providing the highest level of services to the company’s customers (guests) by being committed to what I do and aimed at the positive results of my performance. Submission format Delivering application via email is a widely accepted means of applying for a job.

Despite the fact, that many websites offer filling application forms, they still require submitting a separate file, which contains resume, cover letter, etc. The vacancy found at Wynn Las Vegas, Inc. website does not require the exact form of delivering the cover letter, but it offers filling the application form provided. As a result, and supporting my greatest wish to obtain this position, I still prefer sending my cover letter and resume directly to the Executive Pastry Chef for detailed consideration. It will attract his attention, and I anticipate him contacting me for further interviewing.

Project assessment memo Overview The aim for writing this PAM is to thoroughly analyze my job application process. As I sincerely wish to obtain the position of the Culinary Trainee at Wynn Las Vegas, Inc. , I should address each issue within the process of applying for this job. This PAM will assist me in weighing and analyzing each word I deliver to my future employer. Context of project I have chosen the position of the Culinary Trainee at Wynn Las Vegas, Inc. I am very serious about my choice, and I have emphasized this seriousness in my cover letter and in the Job Analysis Memo.

I view this job as the way towards realizing my dreams; it is the pathway towards my professional development. Working at Wynn Las Vegas, Inc. means earning by doing what I like. I view this job as a promising start of my successful career. Documents The cover letter, in which I have addressed the Executive Pastry Chef, was written in a business-like restrained manner. However, I’ve been capable to emphasize not only my experience, my skills and abilities; I suppose that I have caught the Chef’s attention by being brief and specific. I have made special emphasis on the importance of this job to me.

The GPA included into the cover letter is the persuasive means to show, that I am serious towards my studies, and I will be equally serious towards my job. I have created a strong basis for future communication, making the recipient of the information interested and supplying him with the necessary information to contact me. Production It took me a long period of time to write the application documents (the resume and the cover letter). The reason is that I could not allow myself losing this chance, thus I had to think of every word I was writing.

The basic source of the company’s information was the company’s website. I have also utilized the Google search engine, but this search has not brought any significant results, as I was able to find all required information at Wynn Las Vegas, Inc. ’ website. The information about the company’s mission and commitment policies has seriously impacted my writing; as a result, through a short resume and cover letter I had to make the employer see my serious attitudes and the ability to follow job requirements. Summary

I think I have done a good job, and I may hope my application will be approved. I have spent much time, researching the information about the company, to understand what person they wanted to see at the position of the Culinary Trainee. This process was valuable for me to understand, whether I correspond to the company’s requirements. Ultimately, I have concluded that I have all chances to win this position and to start my career at Wynn Las Vegas, Inc.

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