CSR Initiative essay

Through market research, it has been discovered that some areas of the Washington DC area has major poverty issues and with the economic crisis hitting the USA and the world, this has become worsen. I would like to bring this to your notice that due to the unemployment and poverty hitting Washington DC area, many additional issues and problems like illiteracy and huge growth in crime rate can also be sighted in the near future, which in turn can affect the economic and political status of the US capital. This in turn can bring added troubles for the capital and the companies like us.

CSR Initiative As our esteemed company “Capital One” is committed towards the development of the society, as a part of the “Corporate Social Responsibility” , I would request you to take the CSR initiative towards helping eradicating poverty in the Washington DC area. To start with this initiative Capital One can adopt few families and take full care for them. Some of the suggestions for this initiative are as follows Financial support As a part of this initiative Capital One can give financial support to adopted poor families.

This could be done by collecting funds from the interested employees or from the company’s CSR funding bucket. Education Drive Another part of this initiative can be education drive. We can explain both parents and kids about value and need of education and motivate them to study and get educated. Interested Capital One employees can adopt one or more poor kids based on their comfort and teach them for 4 hours a week. Also the company can help these kids by providing text books and study materials. Another part of education drive can be computer education.

We can teach interested kids computers. With the country going electronic/online for everything, this will help these kids get computer knowledge and help them earn their bread going forward. Health Drive The third part of this drive can be organizing free health camps. We can coordinate with some hospitals and organize occasional free health camps like full health checkup, eye camp, dental checkup etc for these needy people. Capital one can also take care to help these poor families by providing medicines and sponsor expensive treatments if required for someone.

Free Clothes The next part of this initiative can be collecting all old clothes, newspapers, electronic and ewaste items and giving it to these needy people. Free food Another suggestion is providing food for these people. We can coordinate with some NGO’s or organizations that can help us working out this option, or interested employees can sponsor groceries or food items, which in turn can be distributed to these adopted poor families Benefits to Capital One By taking these CSR initiatives there are many direct and indirect “benefits” for the company.

Some benefits are: • A good reputation for the company • Employee satisfaction and loyalty. This in turn will bring more productivity for the company • Strong brand name and press coverage All these benefits can directly increase the profits of the company, hence brining a strong market value for the company. As a corporate, its our responsibility to think about the growth of the company as well as the society we live in. If the society is successful, country will be successful and if the country is successful, we in turn will be successful.

Poverty can become a big issue if its not eradicated, hence we need to think about solutions that can help reducing or eradicating this. Also poverty is not by choice, but by chance and luck, but as a human being they do have rights to live and we Capital One can become a light of their life. BIBLIOGRAPHY http://www. csrwire. com/reports http://owl. english. purdue. edu/owl/resource/590/02/ http://www. whitehouse. gov/Issues/ http://www. brookings. edu/topics/corporate-social-responsibility. aspx