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CSR article Summary

CSR Article Summary

Social Corporate Responsibility is a concept that creates anobligation in businesses to voluntarily help in solving societalissues or making the environment safe. The whole concept of CSR isplausible regardless of the quarters from which the pressure to do soemanates. Some argue that the function of CSR is to remind businessesthat the search for profit should be constrained by societal issues.It is therefore important that the businesses take part in solvingthe societal issues in order to keep enjoying more profits.

The evolution of CSR has seen its perception improve from it being aventure that negatively affects the company’s profits, to somethingthat will benefit the company in the long term. The classicalperception of CSR is divided into two (Branco &amp Rodriguez, 2007).The pure profit view is of the opinion that the business has no moralresponsibility to the society as long it operates within the confinesof the law. The constrained profit-making view proposes that thebusiness should be ethical, increase the wealth of its shareholders,and operate within the specifics of the law.

The stakeholder perception of CSR also divided into two. The sociallyaware view states that businesses should be sensitive to thepotential harm that they may do to the community and the environmentthey operate in. It is therefore necessary to hold a CSR program tomitigate harmful practices such as environmental degradation. Thesocial activism view of CSR is that businesses should use their vastresources for the common good of the society. In this view, thebusiness should distribute some of its wealth to those who do nothave any. The conflicting views of the stake holders make it hard tochoose which part is better.


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