Critical response to issue of Trump essay

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Criticalresponse to issue of Trump

Thenomination campaigns for the U.S. 2016 presidential elections haverenewed the debate on the issue of discrimination against people onthe grounds of their religious backgrounds. In one of his campaignmeetings, Donald Trump stated that imposing a total ban on Muslims,who wish to enter the U.S., is the only viable strategy that can helpthe government prevent acts of terrorism (Cohen 1). This statementindicates that Donald Trump is guided by fear, which limits hisability to address issues of the national security from a broaderperspective. The popularity of concepts of globalization anddiversity has been increasing exponentially, and discriminatingagainst any minority group as Trump suggested will take the worldbackwards.

Theworld has already embraced the idea of diversity, which can beconfirmed by the peaceful coexistence of people from differentbackgrounds. For example, the election of Sadiq Khan as the new mayorof the city of London is clear evidence that other countries andcities are continually embracing people who have been historicallyconsidered as the minority. Any idea that seeks to prohibit peoplefrom a certain background from entering the America is contrary towhat the world would expect from the United States. Trump should buythe idea of Khan, who stated in Cohen (1) that, “I’m a Londoner,I’m a European, I’m British, I’m English, and I’m of Islamicfaith, of Asian origin, of Pakistani heritage, a dad, a husband”(1). The statement reflects the thoughts of a person who have apicture of the cities of the 21stcentury in his mind, where people are expected to live together, havean equal access to opportunities, and travel without beingrestricted.

Slursthat discriminate against Muslims will increase religious intolerancewithin and outside the United States. The world has been strugglingto reduce religious intolerance, which resulted in its decline in atleast four out of twenty countries that were studied in 2012 by thePew Research Center (1), instead of fighting terrorism andradicalization as he claims, Trump has provided more material forterror groups to show their target recruits that the U.S. hateMuslims. For example, it has been reported that the ISIS have beendeveloping radicalization videos with excerpts from Trump speeches asthe evidence that the U.S. has been discriminating against Muslims(Tiffany 1). Therefore, Trump’s reckless speeches will increaseinsecurity for the U.S. people.

Thewar against terrorism can only be won if both the majority and theminority groups can collaborate to pursue the same objective ofcurbing radicalization. The world leaders and the internationalcommunity should start seeing Muslims as part of the solution,instead of considering them as enemies. This is because it is onlyabout 15-20 % of the world Muslims have either been radicalized ortend to sympathize with terror groups (Gabriel 1). The remainingpercentage (80 % – 85 %) is close to and speaks the same language tothose who are radicalized. This means that the Muslim community canbe more effective in fighting radicalized in the modern world thanthe world super power, strongest militaries, and political leaders(such as Trump) can do, if only they can be allowed to take an activerole in the war against terrorism.

Inconclusion, the Trump idea of addressing radicalization by banningimmigration of Muslims is outdated and ineffective. Instead ofcontaining terrorism, Trump has provided terror groups with materialsto advance their ideologies. The international community needs toadopt strategies that will boost diversity and involve the Muslimcommunity in the war against terrorist organizations. Politicalleaders should not base their decision on fear, but on the conceptsof diversity, globalization, and religious tolerance.


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