Critical Reflections essay




Codeof ethics for nurses was developed so that it may guide the nurses inconducting their day to day responsibilities. Nurses are sometimesfaced with situations which may question their ethical stands aspracticing nurses. In this regard, the code of ethics focus isusually on their behaviors and guarantees that the decisions made bythe nurses are in the best interest of the patient. In addition, forthe decisions made to be morally ethical they need to be looked inbroader context which include cultural, personal, societal as well asprofessional values.

Whatethical behaviors is Lydia demonstrating?

Lydiais demonstrating the behaviors of both naturalism theory andutilitarianism naturalism theory provides that all people make thesame ethical decisions even when they are from different cultures.These people tend to be empathetic in making their decisions. On theother hand, utilitarianism is founded on the basis of consequences.This is where a nurse making decision tends to worry about theoutcomes of their decision. In this case they are usually confusedand hold the opinion that none of the decisions are bad or good, theconsequences are the ones which will determine whether it was a bador a good decision.

Inour scenario, Lydia was worried about Mr. Dunns welfare after thesurgery is made, who would take care of him? Would he be able to takecare of himself after the leg is amputated? Would his quality of lifebe same? This means that Lydia was sympathetic and compassionate inregards to Mr. Dunn’s life after the amputation. She was alsowondering whether it was the best solution and that if it were herfather, would she agree that his leg to be amputated? This brings outthe utilitarianism theory which works in the spirit of do unto otherswhat you want done to you.

Explainthe ethical theory that Tonya is practicing.

Moralcourage has been defined to mean commitment to stand up and act uponones ethical beliefs. This has been regarded as an essential virtuein the nursing profession. This basically refers to the ability of apracticing nurse to take hold of ethical responsibilities crucial tothe professional values. These are the type of ethical decisions arerisky and they are made in difficult ethical dilemmas. However thereis a difference between moral courage and moral arrogance andcertainty. This is when a nurse practitioner tends to believe thattheir decision is the only one that is right in regards to an issue.

Inour scenario, Tonya tends to demonstrate moral arrogance andcertitude rather than moral courage. Her impatience and the fact thatshe sees no need of worrying about the issue brings her out asselfish. She dismisses Lydia and doesn’t want to engage inthoughtful deliberation of the issue with her. This means that she isdismissive of other people’s thoughts this in any case preventsthoughtful assessment that is important in such a critical dilemma.

Discussthe focal virtues that each of the nurses is using to base theirdecision-making on the care that Mr. Dunn needs.

Onthe one hand Tonya was autonomous and in making his decisions he wasof the belief that his decision would be the best. It has also beenhis way of making decisions, very rapid and in a way that he followssome norms.

Onthe other hand, Lydia uses the focal virtue of compassion in her bidto come to a conclusion this means that she is trying to put herselfin Mr. Dunn’s shoes in order for her to decide what is best to meethis best interests. She is sympathetic to his situation and she evenfalls asleep thinking about Mr. Dunn’s critical situation. Thismeans that she cares and she also regards his general welfare afterher decision. Lydia in making her decision uses discernment thesituation required sensitivity and understanding before making thedecision.


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