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Thearticle is well researched. It has some authorities confirming thefindings of the writer. The author’s article is convincing at thefirst glance. However, as I delve into the research, there are someareas that are not clearly addressed, for instance while explainingwhat is appropriate to post publicly, the author only discusses theissue of alcohol, when many other issues could also build on what issuitable for public sharing in social media. In other words, theauthor is not exhaustive.

Thewriter identifies a crisis, which is the public display of intimacyand private affairs on public forums (Bazarova, 2012). However, theauthor only focuses on presenting the case instead of devisingsolutions to the crisis that already exists. Even though the authorseeks to find out a cause, he bears little concern for how thoseinvolved can act appropriately.

Theauthor, as was earlier stated, has a spontaneous way of attractingreaders to his writing. The writer quotes from many sources thatascertain his research and is likely to be believed. The authors toneis informative, and he has a lot to contribute concerning public showof private matters and exposing his readers to more informationregarding alcohol. The author poses as thorough in his research andhis readers would easily be swayed by his article.

Thearticle was published on the internet. It means that his readersmajorly will be those who are exposed to the web. And those areapparently his intended audience because his article addresses theadolescents, who are frequent surfers of the internet. They are inthe best position to read this article. The information in thisarticle will, of course, not be accepted without a measure ofantagonism. Some adolescents believe it is just all right and fun todrink alcohol, puke from it and tell the public (Bazarova, 2012).

Theauthor involves the adolescents by citing research that was conductedby their fellow peers. The teens themselves tell the sentiments onalcohol consumption and its aftermath. It affirms the credibility ofthe article strongly. The essay mentions the voice of legislatorsintroducing laws that govern the age for alcohol consumption, whichis to say, underage drinking is proscribed by law.

Thearticle is assertive through the presentation of its facts. Theinformation provided relates to the modern era where adolescents areabout the social media casting every bit of their private lives. Theauthor depends on existing literature and statistics.

Afteranalyzing the article, I feel the need to offer possible solutions byout rightly pointing out the right manner to conduct oneself on thesocial media.


Bazarova,N. (2012). Public Intimacy: Disclosure Interpretation and SocialJudgmentsonfacebook.JCommun,62(5),815-832.