Criminology essay

Inthe book entitles, &quotThePolice in America,&quotWalker and Katz (2012) explain why patrol is the backbone ofpolicing. According to the authors, a patrol is the key aspect ofpolice operations and forms the primary assignment of all policedepartments across America. It may be undesirable, but it remains avery critical role in an officer’s career since it delivers thebulk of services and forms the symbol of policing. Patrol servesthree primary functions in policing namely, deterring crime,enhancing the sense of general public safety among the public andavailing officers for service. However, in the film &quotTheTraining Day,&quotAlonzo established an exceptional level of contempt and derisiontowards the patrol constables. Alonzo felt least obligated to theconstitution and the law and as such his interests superseded hisduties to the state. He respected the natural role of his department,and to him, these norms approved his corrupt practices andmisconduct. He, therefore, disregarded and disdained patrol officersas they interfered with his informal engagements including drugdealing. Alonzo is portrayed as a very corrupt and immoral police.

Asan officer, Alonzo’s character was embedded in critical policedeviance and corrupt practices. He believed that the training methodscould not be applied in the street dealings as they were merelytextbook policing. This is what he tries to impart in his rookieofficer with regards to his rookie of a narcotics officer as opposedto the patrol officer behavior. He continuously used violentconfrontation and intimidation on citizens and suspects alike. Alonzofelt he was above the law and presented himself with full authority.These are the illusions he tried imparting on Jake, the narcoticsofficer.


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