Criminology essay


Question one: Issuing a ticket to a speeding driver

There are a few aspects that a traffic police officer shouldconsider before issuing a ticket for speeding. It is essential forthe police to interrogate the speeding driver to find out whetherthere is any emergency in the hospital such as blood donation. Ifthere is no emergency at the hospital and the husband just needs toaccompany his wife in the labor ward, the officer can go ahead andissue the speeding ticket. It is also essential for the officer toassess whether the driver had access to an ambulance if at all hispresence in the hospital was urgent. If the husband had access to anambulance, the officer should issue a speeding ticket. It isessential to note that labor pains are never an extreme emergency,and sometimes they take up to 12 hours. It is necessary for thetraffic officer to realize that husbands love to be present at thehospital ward when their wives deliver. The excitement that thehusband had might be the reason he was speeding. However, it would beunfortunate for the man to die through an accident while rushing tothe ward.

Question two: Relationship between police and community

It is evident from the book that many members of the community wouldexpect that traffic officer to let go of the husband for speeding.Communities associate childbirth with immense value, and thereforemajority of them would allow the man to over speed. The decision bythe officer to issue a speeding ticket to the driver would negativelyaffect the relationship between the community and the police (Walker&amp Katz, 2013). However, in the long run, the community willrealize that the police acted in good faith, and he was informed byfacts.


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