Cowboy Themed Twenty-first Birthday Party essay

Party Goals and Objectives: To come up with a unique birthday celebration. It is a one of a kind memorable event not only for the celebrant but also for his guests. The Event Details: Jerry is turning twenty-one. His girlfriend, who happens to be my best friend, asked my assistance in order to plan and organize a surprise party for Jerry to celebrate the day when he becomes an adult. Jerry is very much interested in cowboy movies and has collections of horse figures.

This is where the idea of organizing a cowboy party came from. The overall event is western-inspired and features wining, dining, and dancing. The nearest bar to Jerry’s residence will be used as the venue. The bar will be arranged like a stable. Decors such as leather saddle, blankets, and other vintage items will be used. Costume would also be synchronized with the original attire of the famous animal herder. Boys and girls will be dressed like cowboys with dirty jeans, gloves, boots, vest, and cowboy hats on them.

To add more thrill, liveliness, and excitement to the party, there will be games and other fun activities such as cowboy dance performance, charades, and role playing which will be focusing on Jerry’s life, and many more. The food and music for the event would also follow a cowboy theme. Scrumptious buffet of cowboy-themed dishes will be served to guests such as beans, steaks, corn breads, and hot dogs. The birthday cake, a rectangular, caramel-flavored sponge cake topped with small horse figures and stables, will be set at the center of the buffet.

Cowboy music will be played to stimulate the crowd with an energetic and blissful ambiance. A wine toast ceremony will be conducted to mark the beginning of Jerry’s life as an adult. Afterwards, barrels of beer and glasses of cocktails and hard drinks will be served (to adults exclusively). Before the party ends, souvenirs of pastries shaped and designed like horseshoe and other cowboy toys like spurs, pistols, and rifles will be handed out.