Correlation Examples essay


Oneof the examples of the correlations I would consider to believe andact on is the causation of diabetes and sugar intake. I would believethat the occurrence of diabetes is correlated to the level of sugarconsumed. The correlation is that an increase in sugar intakeincreases the occurrence of diabetes. Therefore, I would believe thedata and act on it based on the common believe that the two arecorrelated. While an increase in sugar intake may not necessarilycause diabetes, the disease is known to be associated with excessivesugar levels in the body. Therefore, I would believe and act on thedata.

However,there are examples that I would require to be shown the causationbefore I would act on data or the relationship. One of such anexample is the correction between the intakes of organic foods leadsto a rise in the cases of autism in a population. Therefore, I wouldseek more information about the occurrence of autism and why it istaken to be correlated with the consumption of organic foods. I wouldnot believe this correlation or even start acting on its data becausethe two may not be closely related. The amount of organic foodconsumed may not necessarily lead to the occurrence of autism, oreven be among the risk factors for suffering from autism. Therefore,I would investigate to get the causative before acting on the data orrelying on the correlation.