Core JavaScript essay

JavaScript is designed to allow interactivity of web developers in the world wide web. JavaScript objects have hierarchy objects and built-in objects. Hierarchy objects are window, frame, location, history, navigator, document, image, form and text. Most objects have properties, methods and eventhandlers. The window object is created using the <FRAMESET> and <BODY> tag. It’s properties include frames, self and window. Blur, captureEvents and eval are its methods. Frame is an independent window in the parent window created by HTML <FRAME> tag. Location has all of its properties as strings representing portions of the URL.

Methods of this object are reload and replace. History is predefined and is accessible through the window property history. The navigator contains browser the information (Core JavaScript Reference. http://www. webreference. com ). Properties include appCodeName and appName. The document provides access to HTML elements included in your script. Image object is the image in the HTML form it is created through HTML tag “IMG”. Form uses elements like radiobutton and checkbox to prompt user for input. Lastly, text is created using the HTML tag <INPUT>; it allows user to enter data.

Built-in objects are array, date and string. Array is a multidimensional variable; its properties allow addition and removal of values in an array (JavaScript Objects. http://www. echoecho. com/jsquickref). Date allows the user to work with date and time programmatically. Lastly, string is a series of characters in a string. It is created by using the string constructor.


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