Contraceptive Treatments essay

Contraceptive Treatments


Contraceptionis both a personal and social responsibility(Leon,2010). Complicatedmethods are required to make them effective and easy to use andtherefore cause greater consequences to one’s health includingpremenstrual mood changes. Finding an efficient and safecontraceptive is not easy, but it is important to make an informedchoice. This report considers the contraceptive treatment of a23-year-old Caucasian female with concerns of mood swings around thetime of her menses and believes she has PMS and explains how tofacilitate the selection if the patient does not agree with therecommendation.

Sincethe patient believes to have PMS, the most common medicationprescribed to her includes antidepressants and hormonalcontraceptives. This includes oral contraceptives, contraceptivepatch, virginal ring, injection and others. This type ofcontraceptive works by stopping maturing and release of eggs statesJohn G, (2009). This is due to the presence of both estrogen andprogestin. Suppression of ovulation is known to eliminatepremenstrual symptoms according to Martin O, (2016, p.388).

Itis important to know if the patient has a history of depressionbefore administering them with oral contraceptives since she mightnot be a good candidate for the medication. Considering that thereare even dietary related hormonal changes as stated in Marlene B.G,(2000,p.91) Leuprolide and Danazol are associated with side effectssuch as weight gain and acne. The patient might have severe ortroubling side effect to the hormonal contraceptive administered toher. In such cases, she is switched to a different medication such asGnRH agonist.


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