Conflict essay

Socialconflict is an evident feature today. The major factor behind manyconflicts, in the society we are living, is the increased level ofinequality (Stiglits, 2013). In this paper am going to focus on suchconflicts basing on the proposed video clip and research.

of the video and my opinion on it

Thevideo touches on the social setup of the Indian community. Poverty isthe way of life of the Indian people. In the recent past, there hasbeen a marked shift from resignation among the Indian people this isevident from the women’s struggle to bring change in the society.

Approximately,a sixth of the world population lives in India. It is even estimatedthat the number is likely to double in the coming 40 years.Nevertheless, the increase in the population is in line with thepresent poverty and social problems. Gender discrimination is one ofthe social problems depicted here women and girls undergo a lot ofsuffering as compared to their male counterparts. Discrimination isexperienced from birth through the practice of sex selection. Thoughthe practice was illegalized, female infanticide is being practicedup to today among the poor.

Genderviolation is the air that the women in the Indian community breathefirst, they are married off at a tender age. Further, while inmarriage, they are not entitled to any freedom and rights theyremain indoors and even if they were to move out they have to befully covered. Additionally, women are in most cases used aslaborers where they carry out manual and tiresome tasks.

Suchforms of gender discrimination have prompted organizations, bothnational and international, in conjunction with the Indian governmentto come up with various structures to save and empower the girlchild. In my opinion, this is the ideal move that will see liberationnot only for the Indian women, but also the society at large in thefuture.

Fromthe introduction, conflict in the society is a product ofinequalities, which arises when resources are disseminated in anuneven manner through structured norms that are defined by people’scategory (Honshall, 2014). Inequality affects wealth allocation,rights and freedom, social authority, and accessibility to socialamenities like hospitals, schools, and legal justice. In most caseswomen are the most vulnerable to inequality. Gender inequality is aconflict in the contemporary society women are in the struggle toliberate themselves from the bondage of discrimination.

Genderinequality is also evident in the Indian community. There is genderviolation in the provision of social services. Women are given lessfood compared to men, who have more accessibility to health careservices than women. In the education setting, girls get limited orno formal education, and by the age of 17, they start up theirfamilies. Generally, only one out of four girls in India can read andwrite. Little research is being carried out on women and the ruralsettings leaving the women neglected.

Atthe family level, right from marriage women face inequality the vicehas gone to a point where men kill their wives for not providingenough dowries. In fact, the daughter-in-law is used as laborers byher mother-in-law. She does not have freedom of movement since she issupposed to remain indoors. In case she moves out, she is to beaccompanied by someone or be covered fully. However, Raj Kumar doesnot restrict his daughter in law inside she is less selfish. Womendo not have the right to speech especially, when it comes to sexualmatters they shy off discussing sexual matters since the society hasmade it a taboo for them to engage in such discussions. This has leftthem helpless to make choices in regard to their sexuality, like theuse of contraceptives and other family planning methods as broughtout by Raya who is a counselor.

Inthe work environment, women have been socialized to serve men in theIndian community. The video points out how girls engage in manualwork at a tender age up to the extent of them sustaining structures.Women are denied the right to go to work they are supposed to remainat home, serve their men, and overwork in the farms. Nevertheless,Kina, whose parents are counselors, wants to study and become adoctor.


Inconclusion, it is clear that there is dire need for the inequality tobe addressed. The Germany government in relation with the Indiangovernment has come up with certain steps to bring the situationunder control. They have empowered women with improved farmingtechniques and also tried to meet their needs. More women havereceived training as medical practitioners and taken the roles ofcounselors. As counselors, they are able to freely create awarenessand emancipate fellow. Equality has been created as they workalongside men in the health facilities. The issue of sexuality anduse of contraceptives in specific area are easily discussed as womenfind it easier to share among themselves hence, motivated to achieveand fight for a better future.


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