Conducting Qualitative Research essay


ConductingQualitative Research


TheMeta- Analytic study by Hawkins &amp Fackrell (2010) focused onestablishing the effectiveness of marriage and relationship education(MRE) on the quality of a relationship and communication skills.Disadvantaged and racial/ethnic diverse populations face issues thatinhibit the study of MRE effects on such couples. The authors explainthat these groups face a greater relationship problem risk. Distressamong this faction is another concern as more relationships expressthis issue than is in emblematic MRE studies hitherto. Divorce ishighlighted as another matter, but the authors suggest that futurestudies will provide more insights into this probability (Hawkins &ampFackrell, 2010)


Lee&amp Chang (2016) expounds that there are several MRE programs, butthe involvement of various groups is different especially for diversegroups. It is imperative to comprehend the issues and challengesfacing various groups to increase their participation of the. It isalso vital to be flexible while recounting cultural obstructions forhealthy relationships (Lee &amp Chang, 2016). Ideas such asutilizing narratives and incidences drawn from cultural values aswell as acculturation occurrences and making use of language toenhance accommodation of these groups in MREs are also encouraged(Lee &amp Chang, 2016). However, these approaches are known to taketime off the discussion table to the communities subjected to MREs.Improving the design of the MRE programs also presents another way ofencouraging participation by these diverse groups.


MREresearch on ethnic and disadvantaged groups offers a unique area ofresearch. The most efficient data collection method would involvefocus group discussions. Interviews with these groups providecomprehensive data. Measures taken include ethical considerations ofthe target audience. For instance, fictitious names could be used tomaintain the confidentiality of the respondents (Widmer &amp LaFarga, 2000).


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