Concluding comments essay



Changingthe administration and the management of an organization is adifficult task to begin with and it became more severe andcomplicated especially when human resource problems are encountered.As the Chief Executive Officer of Globe Alive, Inc., Helmut Schwartzfaced quite a complicated issue of changing the mindset of theemployees. After some time assessing and taking the time to talk tothe people working under him. One of the issues he identified is thewastage of time, and he had to look at the ways in which the problemcould be addressed. Also, he also had to find a way to arouse theneed for innovation and invention as part of the important aspects ofimproving the overall performance of the organization. To do this, hedecided to introduce a program involving methods that improve theworking capabilities of his employers. He came up with the suggestionof adding software that he perceived as the best method to increaseproductivity. As a person with a strong background in informationtechnology, he appraised the use of technology to increase theperformance levels using surveillance software. Before this proposalwas rolled out some of the employees were not comfortable with theintroduction of new practices. This is because they were used to theold and traditional methods of doing things, some of them weresurprised by this turnout.

Oneof the biggest problems Globe Alive, Inc. is facing, stems from thelack of new developments and ideas that further the growth of thefirm to its highest levels. Time wastage is considered a significantsetback in production and these issues provided symptoms such as poormanagement, lack of innovative thinking and stagnation regardingproduction. Previously, the CEO was familiar with his close circle ofemployees and the meetings usually conducted informally. The friendlybehavior among the leadership possibly led to the low performance. Inother words, people were not achieving their potential. The CEOidentified this loophole and capitalized on it to serve as the bestway to push for change. Despite this possible change, the companyneeds to make sure that it conforms to the regulations of privacylaws. There are principles which govern the use of surveillance onemployees, and they include accountability, purpose, consent,minimizing collection and use, disclosure and retention, accuracy,security, openness, individual access, and challenging compliance. Itis evident that changes to the human resource policies will serve asthe best method to facilitate improvement in production as well asimprove accountability and responsibility.

Inconclusion, we strongly urge the Chief executive officer and Humanresource manager to work together in the adoption and implementationof the recommendations provided by this report. As indicated, thereis software that can be selected and used for this purpose dependingon the one which is best suited to the organizational requirements.It is our belief that the lag and slow progression currently in thefirm can be resolved if the management team agree on how to achievecommon ground. It is important for the human resource team to beassisted to understand the importance of cultivating a healthyworking environment and thus establishing GAI as a morecareer-friendly organization. If the firm becomes streamlined in theinternal functions, then the group will eventually be recognized byoutsiders both as an employer of choice and also a worthy one by therespective clients.