Concert Presentation essay




OnMay 21st, 2016, I attended the Alberto Ginastera`s 100th completesolo piano works, performed by Seven Young Argentinean Pianists atMary Flagler Cary Hall in New York. DiMenna presented the event.

Uponmy arrival, during the intermission of the concert, I settled downand waited for the second part of the program to begin.

Theconcert had less than thirty Attendees most of whom were older folksin their late 50`s. I was the only African-American, and the youngestperson in the crowd. I felt out of place however, I started feelinga sense of relief after being approached by the program coordinator.He granted me a cordial welcome and a brief overview of the previousperformances.

TheMusic that was played

Ienjoyed performances from the various artists present at the concert.The show was enjoyable since all the musicians played music thatelicited different reactions from the audience. These responses werepriceless since I got the opportunity to view what I learned in classcoming into play in the real world. The following artists helped megain a deeper understanding of music and its impact on people.


Leandro`smusic was rather complicated. His music seemed to follow the Locrianmode of composition. It elicited feelings that lay between scared andangry. The feelings elicited from Leandro`s music mainly came fromthe composition, velocity, and vocals in his music. He, primarily,played the D# minor scale, which made the audience develop feelingsthat could be placed within the confines of anxiety, despair, anddepression. Also, the Rhythm of his music was fast thus, it waspowerful and full of anger and angst.


Tamara`smusic was somewhat subtle. She was able to make the audience feelexcited, tender, and happy at the same time. She, predominantly,played the F# Major Scale, but used two different rhythms: fast andslow. When playing fast, she evoked feelings of excitement in heraudience, and a sound that felt like a moment of triumph overdifficulty. Later, she slowed down her rhythm, from fast to slow.This time, she created less drama thus, relaxing her audience. Themoment felt like a period of relief after all hurdles had beensurmounted.


Leonardo`smusic was somewhat like Tamara`s. However, Leonardo made his audiencefeel calm and complaisant. He, mostly, played the F Major Scale butused different rhythms to evoke mixed reactions from his audience. Hestarted by playing slow, making his audience feel at peace with themusic. The audience seemed to enjoy the relaxing and less dramaticmusic. However, at one point, he increased the rhythm of his musicdramatically. The soft, soothing music suddenly felt powerful anddramatic, exciting the audience. Leonardo`s approach to shifting hisrhythm kept the audience alive but peaceful.

WhatI liked about the Concert

Ienjoyed listening to the various pieces of music that were played.Each composer had a unique aspect. Leandro reminded me of the timesin my life that I was full of despair, anger, and worry. Tamara`splay elevated my mood. After listening to Leandro, I reflected on thenegative aspects of life, but Tamara`s music brought back thepositive aspects to life. Her music was exciting, tender, and happy.Lastly, Leandro brought to life a peaceful environment. His soft andsoothing music made me feel at peace. However, before I could go tosleep, he elevated his rhythm, making me remain alerted throughouthis play.


TheAlberto Ginastera`s concert was very exciting. I got to experiencethe different sounds of music and their impact on various audiences.I also discovered the power of music over people`s moods.