Computerized Decision Making – Article Example essay

The paper “Computerized Decision Making” is a great example of a management article review.

The case under consideration is titled as the ‘Computerized Decision Making’. In this text, the author has argued over the theme of the faster decisions by a machine and the slower but thorough decisions by humans. He further discussed the advantages and the disadvantages of both the themes. Another theme that the author used to fabricate the proper study is the theme of data overload and the disadvantages, advantages associated with it.

The author describes that the computerized decision making has produced negative impacts on the financial sector. He further said that the data overload is a huge problem and due to this issue the requirement of decision making is urgent rather than important. One has to tackle with the continuous supply of data.

It is also discussed that computerized decision making has a load of advantages like it is faster and appropriate for handling the huge supply of data. But the advantages are less as compared to its disadvantages like it always works on the same pattern, fixed and predefined rules. As Amar Bhide said the innovators never work on the old pattern if they want to achieve success in future.

It can be rightly said that the computerized decision-making systems should be used in those sectors where critical decision making is not required but in those areas where the decisions can produce great impacts they should be substituted by human brains.