Computer Memory Hacking essay


ComputerMemory Hacking


ComputerMemory Hacking

Dataconfidentiality is very important in many organization. However,advancement of technology has been a major setbackin attempts to secure information in private and public sector.Hacking isconsideredas amajorthreat to attaining optimum data security. In this paper, the meaningof hacking of RAM is described, commontools used to hack into the memory of computing devices examined anddetails of real-life experiences with such tools in action given.Additionally, measures of protecting the computer from hacking andthe significance the process possess in organizations and modernsociety areaddressed.

Accordingto Shevchenko (2010), hacking refers to any technical approach usedto manipulate the normalfunctionality of network connections and connected system. Harper etal. (2011) define hackingas an activity that involves constructive, clever and trickyundertakings aimed at developing malicious encoding attacks oncomputing devices connected via the internet.Memory hacking is an undertaking that entails changing the game’smemory which consequently notifies the gameplay.Cheats such as fly hack, god modes, and monster vacuums among othersaremadethrough this approach.

Variedtools are used by hackers to hack into the memoryof computing devices. Harper et al. (2011) argue that Cheat Engine iswidely used by most hackers and attributes to most of the illegaldata acquisition from computing devices. Creating a DLL file is theinitial process in making a Cheat Engine (Shevchenko, 2010). Thecreated file isthen introducedinto the game process. Executable programs (EXEs) find substantialuse by hackers in gaining access to unauthorized information storedin the random access memory (RAM). However, Harper et al. (2011)argue that using this approach presents challenges since it is harderto bypass. According to () packet editors are often used for hacking.They work by modifying the data sent to the game server. Examples ofsuch tools in real life action include hacking Androidand Facebook games using cheat engine. It enables access tocommercial games at no cost (Harper et al., 2011).

Variousapproaches find use in protecting computers from being hacked.Encryption is a widely used technique in ensuring maximum datasecurity (Shevchenko, 2010). Encryption refers to the process ofprotecting data using password/keys. It works by converting the fileinto a format that cannot be understood unless the password isprovided. Encryption can bedonefor folders, hard-disks or full volume encryption which involvessecuring the entire computing device.

Accordingto Shevchenko (2010), securing one’s network is a measure widelyused for protecting computers from being hacked. Wirelessconnection used in homes andoffices should be properly secured using passwords with more thaneight characters (Harper et al., 2011). Shevchenko (2010) argues thatmost hackers access unsecured computer networks with the aid ofinternet-enabledsmartphones and thus securing one’s network ensurethat his/her computer is not vulnerable to illegal intrusion.

Installinga customizable firewall either assoftwareorhardwareis a practice that can be used to protect computers from hackers(Harper et al., 2011). The firewall filters data allowed into one’snetwork thus blocking content that maybeused by a hacker as an entry point into the location of confidentialdata.

Hackingissignificantin organizations and modern society in various ways.&nbspThisactivity hasdangerous effects in any company or community. Access to confidentialinformation such as bank details leads to theft (Shevchenko, 2010).Additionally, intrusion into anindividual health recordsis considered socially unethical. Leakages of an organization’sdata can be used maliciously by their competitors especially when thecompany is business orientated. Hacking thus impacts the society andorganizations negatively since substantial resources have to bedevotedtoprotecting data.

Datasecurity is of great importance in an organization. Relevant measuresshould be adopted to protect computers from hackers. Encryption isthe safest approach toattaining maximum data security.


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