Components and Devices essay


The use of mobile computing devices has increased in the past decadeand they have overtaken the desktop usage both at the business leveland at the individual level. The mobile devices such as tablets andphones are highly portable and this makes their usage efficient. Itis also essential to note that due to their connectivity, the mobiledevices are effective unlike desktops which must use an extra devicesuch as modem in order to be connected to the internet (James, 2012).Mobile devices are used through the various apps that they containand they can also be traced and located. It is essential to statethat technology such as sandboxing and data isolation has enhancedthe security of mobile device applications and therefore making themsafer for use at the business level. Mobile devices are used for workaway from the office and for individual purposes such as playinggames.

The major security concern for the using mobile devices at businesslevel occurs when people are using their personal devices such asphones and tablets for office work. It is clear that the personaldevices cannot be controlled or tracked and this may pose a securityconcern. However, when the mobile devices issued to employees are aproperty of the company, there are little security risks due to theenhanced security measures such as sandboxing and data isolation. Thesecurity of desktop computers is much weaker than that of the mobiledevices (James, 2012). It is essential to state that the securitydevelopers have concentrated immensely on the mobile devices’security and sandboxing rather than they concentrate on the desktopcomputers. Security programs and protocols are used for people whouse the mobile devices and therefore the security concerns aresignificantly reduced.

Reply to classmate (Jordin)

The classmate has provided a clear analysis of the usage of bothdesktop and mobile devices at both the business and individual level.The classmate has also clearly pointed out the security measures thatare put on the mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Theclassmate has indicated that it is prudent to use both desktop andmobile devices to have enhanced productivity.

Reply to classmate two (Amber)

Amber has provided an analysis from the perspective of a user ofdesktop computers for numerous years. He has clearly stated that thedesktop computers are critical for storage. He has however indicatedthat the mobile devices are advantageous since they are portable. Theclassmate has also alluded that the mobile devices have a bettersecurity than the desktop computers.


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