Complementary and Alternative Methods essay

Complementaryand Alternative Methods

Theinterview provides information on the proper balance of life as anessential element in providing an achievement of holistic medicineapproach. Proper balance of life entails integration of mind, bodyand soul in collaboration with the emotional support. All togetherthey help reinstate the health of an individual. In order tounderstand the methodology a 44 years old client called A. K wasinterviewed. The client was diagnosed with diabetes 14 years ago andit was presently confirmed that there was a development of the Kidneystones.

Thepatient also visits diabetic clinic for check up and to manage thesugar levels in the blood, insulin therapy got initiated. He is alsoput on Ibuprofen and Tylenol so as to handle the kidney stones, thepattern that got illustrated explicitly was the coping pattern. Oneof the needs of the client is to ensure that kidney stones do notform in the renal system since it may complicate to renal failure.The challenge the client may experience is the inability to move hislimbs due to the abdominal pains and the injections he takes daily.

Inthe comparison and the contrast of the nursing diagnosis, one of theaspects that come out clearly is the adherence to the essentialtenets of nursing process. There is the assessment of the patient,provision of the appropriate nursing diagnosis, planning and theprovision of the implementation strategies. The other essential partof the nursing process is the prioritization of the care with thepresent patient’s concern being put into consideration first.Holistic care also gets provided by ensuring that the physical,mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of the client get considered.


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