Complementary and Alternative Methods essay

Aproper balance in life is an important key factor that is achieved bythe holistic medicine approach. This method involves the integrationof the mind, body and soul together with emotional support toreinstate the health status of an individual. The methodologyencompasses several methods for diagnosis and therapeutic integrity.




Age:44 years

Pastmedical situation:was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 30 years

Presentconcerns: confirmeddevelopment of chronic kidney stones.

Copingpatterns: client put on a diabetic clinic plan and insulin therapy daily. Tohandle the kidney stones the patient had been put on drugs suchIbuprofen and Tylenol.

Healingbeliefs: treatment of hot bottle therapy reduces the pain experiencedaround the kidneys and thus healing. The proper dosage and intake ofprescribed drugs is believed to be the cure to his problem andtherefore encouraged to complete the dosages.

Healthvalues:they include compassion, excellence, respect and equity. These moralsare responsible for all the holistic makeup plan in health caredelivery and patient recovery. Display of this virtue to the patientkeeps him mentally and emotionally strong in the fight against theillnesses.

Thefamily members maintain social support: self-care managementprograms, visiting friends and health care providers play biggerroles to ensure the patient does not feel void and lonely. Itencourages the patient and makes him feel that all the family andhealth care staffs are all focused on restoring his health status.

Physicalconcerns:the patient is unable to move his limbs due to abdominal pains andthe injections he takes daily.

Familymembers play a role in moving him around the compound instead ofemploying a nurse to cut the extra costs in the disease management.It makes him feel how much they care for him.

Mentalaspect:the patient has a strong belief that he is still strong to live anextra day, and this has seen him consent to treatment and timelyintake of the prescribed drugs to keep fighting for his survival.Mental care should be encouraged by the people around him boost hispersonality. By encouraging and sharing time with him.

Spiritualaspect:most communities do pray to for Devine power for recovery, and thispsyches up the patient disregard of the religious differences andkeeps him fighting to regain his health, and this should beencouraged.

Emotionalaspect:the patient needs that boldness and power to feel life within him,and this would support their recovery. So much grieve woulddiscourage their hope and therefore, they need to be shown happinessdespite the difficulty.

Theincorporation of all the above methods would help stabilize thecondition of this patient and at least see him walk and perform othertasks.


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