Comparing author`s writing styles essay

Comparingauthor’s writing styles

Wheneveran author sits down, takes a pen and starts composing a script, he orshe always has an objective. This objective can be manifested in thetheme, or style of an author’s composition. This paper is acomparison of the styles of two well renowned authors J.D. Robb andDeborah Crombie. They are the authors of the novels, “Thanklessin Death,”and “NoMark Upon Her”respectively. Both novels have graced the number one slot in New YorkTimes bestselling series. The first noticeable style employed by bothauthors is that their novels are trilogies. J.D. Robb is the pen namefor Nora Roberts, whose real name, apparently, is Nora Roberts. InNora Robert’s “in death” series of novels, “Thanklessin Death”is the 37thcomposition in a 41 novel series featuring Robb’s female policeofficer. The main character is Eve Dallas, a New York detective,alongside her partner and best friend Detective Delia Peabody(Robb).

Inthe course of the series, we have seen Peabody grow from a rookie copinto a well-seasoned police officer. Nora Roberts has been draftingthe “in death” series of novels for more than ten years.Similarly, Deborah Crombie’s novel, “NoMark Upon Her,”is a series of novels. As a matter of fact, “NoMark Upon Her”is the fourteenth series in Debora Crombie’s list of compositions.Deborah has been scripting this series for a period of over twentyyears, through which we have seen the main characters, Duncan andGemma, tie a knot in “NoMark Upon Her.”Deborah Crombie has managed to maintain her series, which takes usthrough the lives of both Duncan and Gemma, culminating in theirmarriage at this 14thseries of her novels (Corrigan). It is apparent, therefore, thatRobb’s and Deborah’s scripts bear close similarities stemmingfrom the fact that both their compositions are a series of novels.

Thesecond style that stands out in both Robb’s and Crombie’s novelsis that, they are both investigative novels. In Deborah Crombie’snovel, Detective Superintendent Duncan is investigating a caseinvolving the disappearance of Rebecca Meredith, a seniorMetropolitan Police officer. Rebecca goes out to exercise on theriver banks, only for her to disappear. When her body is eventuallytraced by bloodhounds, long-time partner inspector Gemma is calledupon to assist Duncan with the investigations into the cause ofRebecca’s death (Corrigan). In Robb’s “Thankless in Death,”Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her partner, Peabody, are investigating thebrutal stabbings of the Reinhold’s. In the event of conductingtheir investigations, Eve and Peabody discover that it is thecouple’s twenty-six-year-old son, Jerry, who had executed thebrutal killings of his mother and father (Robb).

Jerrykilled his parents and stole their money to even out the emotionalstress of losing his job earlier that day. Therefore, it is evidentthat both novels share resemblance on the grounds that they are allan investigative series of novels (Robb). In addition to these twoobservable resemblances, there is yet another one. Both Robb andCrombie employ the concept of romance in their investigative seriesof novels. In Crombie’s novels, the concept of romance is broughtto light when Duncan and Gemma’s relationship climaxes with theirmarriage in this particular series. In Robb’s series of novels, itis apparent that both Eve and Peabody are happily married, despitethe fact that their marriages are not clearly spelt out in the novel.The only thing pointing out to their “romantic” lives isperiodical mentions of the fact that they all have kids and arehappily married. Consequently, it is benign to remark that both J.D.Robb’s and Deborah’s writing styles are relatively similar.


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