Comparing and Contrasting the Chapter essay


Comparingand Contrasting the Chapter

Comparingand Contrasting VolumeII, chapter 6 of “The mysteries of Udolpho” with Volume II,chapter 6 of “Northanger Abbey”

Inthe Mysteries of Udolpho, the character by the name Emily has beenportrayed as a nature loving girl who is in love with a man by thename Count Morano. However, it seems like their love for each otherhas been declined by a character by the name Montoni who owns thecastle where Emily resides. It is for this reason that the only waythat Emily could meet her lover and former fiancé was through asecret door passage to her bedroom. It was only her and her loverCount Morano, who knew about the secret door passage. Every night hewould creep to her bedroom through that secret door passage. Theauthor has demonstrated an undying love between Emily and CountMorano. However, this love is restricted and totally forbidden(Radeliffe, 1799). When he is found in the castle in this chapter, heis expelled forcefully. This action seems to hurt and break Emily’sheart even more, while Count Morano declares relentlessly his lovefor Emily.

Incomparison with The Mysteries of Udolpho, Northanger Abbey also has asimilar character by the name Catherine. During her meeting withIsabella, whom she has only known for ten days, Isabella hints outthe love that Catherine has for a man by the name Henry. During thistime, Catherine is shown by the author being silent over the topicbut blushing heavily about it. Isabella confirms to her that sheunderstands Catherine’s feelings towards Henry. These feelings areof love for Henry and of sadness. Just like Emily, it seems thatCatherine is also not destined to be with her lover Henry as she saysto Isabella that she may never have to see him again and quicklychanges the subject to discuss about the books as the topic seems tobe hurting (Austen, 1914).

Inaddition, the character in The Mysteries of Udolpho Emily seems to behaving a secret in her bedroom. The secret is very close to her heartas it is the secret passage door of her lover Count Morano whom sheloves more dearly than anything (Radeliffe, 1799). This is because assoon as she realizes that somebody had discovered the secret doorpassage, she is completely troubled that she loses all sense ofconcentration. Emily is portrayed as having completely no regards toanything in the castle as she could not fathom the thought thatsomebody had discovered about the secret passage and gone ahead andlock it but she did not know for a fact, who that it was.

Onthe other hand, as soon as Catherine is all alone in her bedroomwhich she had been assigned to situate at Northanger Abbey, she ismarveled at a an old possession. This is an old chest that seems toexcite her so much and even goes ahead to try opening it. However, asshe is trying to open it secretly in her bedroom, she was discoveredby the maid of Northanger Abbey. After dismissing the maid, Catherinediscovered a white cotton quilt after lifting the lid of the chest.But yet again, her secret comes to open again after she is caught byMiss Tilney, who explains about the chest to Catherine who isthoroughly embarrassed (Austen, 1914). These reflect the secrets thatare seen in both characters’ bedroom that has been discovered.

Thecontrast that is seen in these two chapters is in the love stories ofboth Emily and Catherine. It is very clear that there is some hope ofa future that is seen between Emily and Count Morano. He has beendepicted as a person who is relentless to pursue his love for Emilyand he promises her that he would come back. This rebellious natureis also seen with Emily, who has a passage door that guarantees herto be with her love. However, Catherine has been demonstrated to haveresigned her love for Henry despite the fact that she is still inlove with him. This is because Henry has not demonstrated anyintentions to fight for their love.


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