Compare Contrast Essay Christianity and Judaism essay

CompareContrast Essay: Christianity and Judaism

Christianityand Judaism

Christianityand Judaism are among the ancient religious faiths in the world.Christianity differs in meaning among different Christian groups butthere is a common belief that Jesus, the son of God is the savior.Judaism also believe that there is only one deity and is founded oncovenant between God and the Jews (Antiqua,2016).Followers assume salvation by abiding to the laws of God, as well asmaintain holiness.

Essentially,Judaism and Christianity have many similarities. They both share abelief that there is only one supreme God, who is omnipresent. Theybelieve that God is holy, loving, merciful and all forgiving(Antiqua,2016).Besides, there teachings are founded on Hebrew Scriptures otherwiseknown as the Old Testament as the supreme word of God. Both groupsbelieve in heaven and hell as permanent residence of the righteousand sinners respectively. They also share a mutual ethical codereferred to as Judeo-Christian essentially (Antiqua,2016).In addition, the doctrines of Judaism and Christianity are the beliefthat God have an ultimate plan for humanity and they seek toestablish a cherished relationship with their maker throughworshiping.

Differencesalso exist between Judaism and Christianity. Judaism has been inexistence for about 3 millennia. Christianity on the other hand begana millennium after Judaism. Regardless, Christianity has gainedimmense popularity making it the leading religion in the world.Consequently, Christian holidays such as Easter holiday and Christmashave gained significant recognition world over. Judaism holidays suchas Yom Kippur, Hanukah and Shavuot are not recognizable by the restof the population (Antiqua,2016).Another notable difference is the view of Jesus. Whereas Christiansperceive Jesus as the son of God and the savior, Judaism considersHim as mortal. This disparity arose from Jesus’ opposition toJudaism practices during his ministry. While Jews worship insynagogues, Christian worship in churches which are considered holyplaces.

Conclusively,Judaism and Christianity share several beliefs. Regardless, they showdistinct practices between them which make them different.


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