Compare and Contrast Thesis Statement: Creating Guidelines

Have you ever heard the quote, “Beginning is the hardest part. Always.”? Well, if you’ve ever dealt with writing a compare and contrast thesis statement or/and other theses for other kinds of papers, you know what we are talking about.

No matter what type of text/paper/task/essay your teacher have prepared for students and you. It’s necessary for you to be ready for it because you’d better come up with the strong statement that will engage your audience. Compare and contrast essay thesis statement is not an exception too. We assume that if you’re here, you want to discover the main features of writing such a sentence and find out about what tips, hints, and advice could be helpful and useful for a student with this assignment.

That is a type of paper where you must pick two things/subjects/projects and contrast them properly, including their common and different features. While writing a thesis statement for a compare and contrast essay, you are to mention the most significant issues and the central argument about the theme because, in fact, it is a strong claim which shows what your document will explore.

Great Tips on How to Write a Compare and Contrast Thesis Statement

We have gathered and collected useful hints on how to write a compare and contrast thesis statement successfully, make it enjoyable, and make the prof numb and excited by your work so that he/she could evaluate it with the highest grades.

We are people living in the modern world in the 21st century. We are those who use social networks, such as Instagram, for example. What am I leading to?

There are a lot of authors nowadays who write texts for their blogs. It doesn’t matter if it is a book or a social network. If a person wants to grab the reader’s attention, he/she must come up with a good title. It is how we decide whether we want to read some blogger’s text or not. If the title of the text is not catchy, we skip it; however, if it is, we continue reading.

The same goes for writing a compare and contrast thesis statement. We must admit that it is in our blood: if we’re not interested in something, we skip and avoid it. If your reader is a teacher, it doesn’t mean that he/she doesn’t become interested in reading something really great and fabulous. So, we are happy to present the hints which, are supposed to be quite helpful for writing good compare and contrast thesis statement.

Read our Tips Carefully

We want to introduce the list of the most effective tips which would better be mentioned by a student when writing a compare and contrast thesis statement:

  • Select Suitable Topic. It is a quite important tip to begin your work. Remember that your main task here is to select the subject carefully. The chosen theme must be close to the author personally so that you could understand what it is about, what to include in the work, and how to make a successful comparison of two things and create a successful thesis.
  • Thinking Out Loud. The second pre-work tip right before starting writing. We suggest thinking out loud. Focus on the topic and quickly come up with the main idea of your future document. The first thought is the actual right one, according to our opinion. It can easily become your thesis. Once you remember it, write it down, add a few suitable words, and make it look strong and catchy.
  • Choose the Method. This point means that you must structure the thesis statement properly. If you wish, you may select two ideas, put one of them in the first half of the sentence, and the second one in the other half of it. There is also another option: you can mention a couple of words about the same issue in one sentence and then do it again. It will be looking like comparing one by one.
  • Do not Make it Too Long. A thesis statement should be short and precise like an argument. Didn’t you get used that the argument is a short and bright sentence, and everything that goes next is just examples that support the main idea? Right, and the same story is here.
  • Write From the Heart and Soul. One more point from the “Last, but not least” section. Everything that goes from the heart and soul cannot be unsuccessful a priori, because when it’s done with feelings, it can amaze even the most sceptical reader. If you are doing your work from the heart, your audience will definitely feel it.

We have listed all the hints for a brilliant compare and contrast thesis statement writing. Remember that every single student is capable to make a good paper. It’s true that nobody was born a writer who has a talent for creating appropriate and strong sentences that catch the readers; however, you just need to try a little, and everything will be fine.