Compare and Contrast Human Service Organizations essay


Compareand Contrast Human Service Organizations

Humanservice is a field that covers the aim of meeting human needs.Therefore, Human Service Organizations are organizations that striveto prevent and address problems facing people as well as trying toimprove the overall quality of life for clients (Hasenfeld, 2009).This paper will compare and contrast Mayan Families and Mary Queen ofAll Nations Missionary organizations.

MayanFamilies began with only one student. Its founders were living andworking in rural Guatemala where they realized the need of assistingimpoverished families in rural areas. Mayan Families work to heal,educate, shelter, and feed the impoverished in the rural areas. Themission of Mayan Families is to facilitate enduring and sustainableprograms that promote community development. Mayan Familiesorganization has an objective of promoting long-term progress throughschool sponsorships, occupational training, micro-finance, and healthservices as well as offering urgent situation services to people inserious conditions (Mayan Families Website).Mary Queen of AllNations Missionary is a Christian Organization that is associatedwith the Catholic Church. This organization helps the poor to riseabove poverty through education, self-sufficiency projects, housing,medical assistance, and nutrition centers (Mary Queen of All NationsMissionary Alliance Website).

Bothorganizations are administered by board of directors that ensureday-to-day operations are carried out appropriately and in accordanceto each organization’s legislations. Mayan Families Organization ishighly influenced by customary law, which highly values children andtheir law insists on apprentice for children. Mary Queen Missionaryis based on Christian teachings, which advocate on caring for theneedy. Both organizations use the palliative care model in humanservices delivery. Community palliative care model involveshome-based care programs and medical issues, as well as relatedsocial issues that are identified and addressed. In addition,palliative service delivery model focuses on spreading life skillssuch as vocational training. Mayan Families Organization is headed byBoard of directors while Mary Queen Missionary is controlled by boththe church and Board of Directors. Mayan Families organization getsits funds through fundraising. The organization fundraises to enablelocal students attend school, provide for families, and offer medicalsupport. On the hand, Mary Queen of All Nations solicits fundsthrough donations. The organization purely depends on well wisherswho contribute to enable the organization carry out its functionsnormally. Also, the organization evaluates performances according tothe number of poor people it has helped to rise above poverty throughestablishment of self-sufficient programs (Mary Queen of All NationsMissionary Alliance Website). Furthermore, the organization alsoevaluates its performances through the number of people it has helpedto acquire decent housing. On the other hand, Mayan Familiesevaluates effectiveness according to the number of students fromimpoverished families that are enrolled in school every year, throughnumber of clients who successfully complete training on job skills,according to the number of loans issued within a given period oftime, and according to the figure of children with disabilities whoreceive intercession services (Mayan Families Website).

Twoprovisional factors that have an implication on direct service arethe durability and sustainability of the services offered andprojects initiated by these organizations. These provisions havepositive effects since they ensure that there is continuity of theservice that the organizations offer (Hasenfeld, 2009). Thisguarantees the clients that there will be a continuous access toservices they are receiving until they get in stable conditions.Also, these provisions ensure that there is continuity of projects.Regulated operational standards ensure that the organizations deliverquality human services. However, these standards strain theorganizations financially since organizations have to ensure there issustainability of projects.


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