Communication process essay


Communicationis an essential process in personal and professional life of everyindividual. Communication brings about understanding, effectivenessand eventually success in different scopes of everyday living.However, it is important to note that communication has a definitivechannel and processes that are all important in ensuring that themessage is relayed effectively and that it achieves its intendedpurposes in the long run. When I arrived in the United States forstudies, it was important that I communicated with my parents back inChina to assure them of my safety and comfort. Therefore being thesource of communication I had to use a telephone as the channel ofcommunication to relay my intended message that was thoroughlyencoded.

Myparents were the recipients of the encoded message and they had toprocess the message that was communicated to them through a processknown as decoding. At this point it is important to note that thecommunicated message shared a meaning between my parents and I. Thismeans that the intended message shared a mutual understanding betweenthe source and the recipients. At this point, it was clear that itwas expected that I would make an effort to communicate to my parentswith the intention of assuring them of my wellbeing. In this regard,the context of communication shared a rhetorical circumstance thatcalled for that particular communication.

Inaddition, the communicated message had a well defined purpose thatthe source of communication had in mind. In this particular context,my defined purpose was to ensure my parents that I was adjusting wellin my new school. This was the ultimate goal of communication andthat I intended to achieve at the end of communication.