Communication Plan for the Broadway Roastery essay


CommunicationPlan for the Broadway Roastery


Make an App that can find theirmenu:

Manyrestaurants are embracing a mobile app where BroadwayRoastery’s customers can find their menu. Broadway Roastery candesign their app with more features. The app will have a friendlieruser interface and speed compared to paying manually. The menu shouldbe attractive enough, and the customers can access it through theiriPads, Android Phones, iPhones, and Tablets. In essence, it willassist them to publish their menu items in an attractive digitalframework for the customers who can access it free of charge on theirfavorite device (Austin&amp Pinkleton, 2015).In essence, a customer can customize and build Broadway Roastery’smeal through the app. The menu will present different products thatare available.

Pre-order and Prepay for Foods andBeverages through phone

Thisplatform enables the customers to place an order and pay ahead onBroadwayRoastery app for Android and iPhones. Consequently, this means thatan individual can walk into the coffee house and without waiting inline, as for the prepaid order at the pickup area. Pre-ordering andprepaid services will enhance flexibility and enable the customers tosave on their time. Since most of the customers within the operationenvironment of Broadway Roastery, having a platform where they canorder their foods and beverages will serve their best interest andincrease customer retention especially the ones with the tight timeframe (Rudarakanchana, 2014). In essence, a customer can save thefavorite orders for next time.

HireSocial Media Manager:

Marketingproducts is an important aspect of determining the success or failureof Broadway Roastery. Social media is a robust method that can beused to get more customers and enhance their retention. Even thoughBroadway Roastery has a Face book and Twitter account, it is hard toget information regarding it and thus do not have enough followershipas compared to the surrounding population. In this case, many peopleprefer homemade coffee. Nevertheless, the HR manager will ensure thathe/she convince people to buy from the shop. The shop has aprerequisite of improving its communication performance since it hasa spacious environment that adds comfort. As a result, this enhancesthe experience of the customers since it gives the ambiance and theatmosphere needed if someone wants to relax. To appeal to theaudience, it should appeal to the emotions of the customers (Austin&amp Pinkleton, 2015).Through social media, Broadway Roastery can communicate withprospective as well as the current stakeholders

ImplementVideo Arts program:

AddingVideoprograms would help Broadway Roastery expand its reach. In essence,it will be able to capture and develop the interest of the customers.Adding video programs would expand Broadway Roastery reach.Collaborating with various art-services providing organization, willensure that a viable communication is entered. Video arts will beused as a method of telling the customers about the team and itsproduct and also give the customers the capacity to expressthemselves (Rudarakanchana, 2014).


Byhandling Freebies such as phone cases, pens, shirts, purses and mughold with Broadway Roastery logo on it, they will be able to generatemore awareness. The technique is useful since the customers will usethe freebies every day. Thus, customers consistently see BroadwayRoastery logo and are reminded of the services that are offered. Thisform of communicating to customers is affordable.

Revisethe current Digital Communication Strategy:

BroadwayRoastery is recognized for its distinct strength of having a spaciousenvironment. This enhances the experience of the customers since theavailable space presents a sense of comfort. Efficient digitalmarketing strategies focus on offering moving testimonials and enoughdata on how to get involved and the fundamental consistencythroughout all platforms and posts. This approach will establishscheduled posts across the social media platforms with each having alink to diverse opportunities to get involved in Broadway Roasteryand all posts following the schedule on the website. Also, BroadwayRoastery can post its testimonials to acknowledge their presence,services, and strengths. For instance, Broadway Roastery has positivefeedback from the customers based on its spacious environment.Posting pictures of the major events and products would enhancepublic knowledge of Broadway Roastery`s contribution to the cultureand community (Austin&amp Pinkleton, 2015).

Reviseand Redesign Broadway Roastery official website:

Websites provide a wealth of information on the organization,testimonials from customers and information on functions and servicesof the organization. Through the use of World Press capacities, thetext of the website is moved into various modules to enhancereadability and dealing with allowing traffic to comprehend thedifferent services and functions of the organization. Thetestimonials and framing the website to attract the end users willincrease traffic of users to see the new product offered (Weberet al., 2015).Utilizing visual elements and cutting back the text would allow thevisitors to know Broadway Roastery and sign up to make an order orvisit Broadway Roastery physical location

Table of Recommendation


Target Audience


Hire Social Media Manager to manage social media platform.

Social Media Followers


Freebies to increase awareness of Broadway Roastery


Monthly Follow-ups

Implement Video Arts program. These are aimed at capturing the social media followers to download the app

Social media followers


Make an App that can find their menu (a customer can customize and build on meals through the app)

Social media followers and investors


Revise the current Digital Communication Strategy



Revise and Redesign Broadway Roastery official website:

Social media followers and customers

Bi-weekly or monthly

Pre-order and Prepay for Foods and Beverages through phone



Qualificationand Cost

Inimplementing the strategies mentioned above, the total costs would beequivalent t0 32,850 per annum as presented below. The calculation ofthe average costs is derived from the recent market prices and enoughtime is designed for each part of the project (Gellert,2015). These values link various departments tothe customers (figure 1).



Average Costs

Total Costs

Computer Engineer (Twitter/Facebook Homepage)

Ten months (25 days per month)

$25/labor cost


Cost of creating the new app &nbspfor customer to view menu and pay their orders

3 months

$1,000 per month

$ 3,000

Revising the current digital communication technique

  • Twitter, Instagram, and Face book are free of costs

  • Salary of Corporate Relation Director

100 hours

$50 per hour


Implementing Video Arts (Salary for the educator

10 days

6 hours at $15/hr


Revise and Redesign Broadway Roastery official website (website redesign and general uptake)

400 hours

$23 per hour


Connecting fees (Dinner/Gift Card Designing

40 days

$100 per day


Designing of the business card

150 makings

$30 per making





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