Colossians essay

According to Apostle Paul’s letters to , God, person,environment, health and nursing are defined in certain ways. God isthe utmost power in the world. He is the creator of everything in theuniverse including humans and other creatures ( 1:1). AllChristians do everything according to His will. He is the Holytrinity, God the father, Son and Holy Spirit. The son, Jesus Christis the image of invisible God. He is the first born all over theuniverse ( 1:16). The environment around us is as a resultof God’s creation and His son Jesus Christ is the embodiment of thebeauty of all the living things in it. It is through him that allthings that are visible and invisible in heaven and earth werecreated.

The person is the servant of God and whenever God’s spirit fillshis horizon, the person has no other choice but serve Him diligently.The Grace of God is the one that sustains the people and believers inthe Christian life. This grace is God’s provision for the people’sdaily life. The peace we derive from believing in God guides us inliving a peaceful life with others ( 1:2). The health of aperson requires the inner peace that is provided by the grace of God.Many of the ill people lack the inner peace and faith. They arestressed up by the worldly things. It is through believing in Godthat the person earns God’s grace and hence the tranquility oflife. The value of the Christians faith lies on its object.Prayerfulness also enables the health of people.

Nursing as a discipline advocates for care to the people. JesusChrist is depicted as the sustainer of the entire universe. He is thehealer of the sick and holds power over all dominions. He therefore,cares for all of us as the nursing discipline advocates. Paul alsoprays for the due to their faith in the gospel which meanshe cares for them too ( 1:9).


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