Colosoro on Bullying essay

Colosoroon Bullying

Bullyingis an issue which should not be overlooked, and if your child is theperpetrator or target, the sooner you spot the symptom it would beappropriate to seek help at an early stage. Bullying is undesirable,hostile behavior perpetrated by an individual to another with intentto gain satisfaction from the suffering of another. It can happen atschool, home and even at work.

Accordingto Barbara, analyzing bullying involves four major steps. First, youhave to understand what bullying is, how it takes place, what factorsare causing someone to be a bully and its effects, and who the targetis. A target is a person who suffers from the actions of anindividual. When formulating a bully research question, it should beevidence based and should bear the features of the topic in additionto asking what is of interest and crucial for other people to know.With the above questions, it should be easy to get the necessaryinformation to analyze bullying. Barbara tells us that bullying doesnot have to be violent action but also saying words which are mean toothers, (“utter contempt for another human being”). She statesthat three characteristics set the stage for bullying others. Theseare unquestioning obedience to the authority, making cruelty aroutine, and dehumanization of other people. When these factorsthrive, and people start thinking in “us versus them” while theyare dehumanized as it, then we are sowing the seeds of bullying andperhaps more dangerous genocide. She gives examples of Hitler Nazi’s,Rwanda ethnical genocide and others.

So,when people are enjoying from someone’s pain whether the pain wascaused by words or a physical act on the target that is a bully.Barbara shows us how bullying made the Nazis disregard the principlesof morality and be able to perpetrate genocide. When Nazisdehumanized Jews and started viewing them as vermin, it became easyto commit crimes against them. In their eyes, they were killingvermin as Barbara states and not Jews. Same as our bullies at school,who make it okay to embarrass others. In a society embarrassingsomeone or deriving happiness from someone misfortune has never beenan acceptable norm, but yet bullies commit such heinous acts. Nowonder, Barbara relates bullying to genocide. She can seem tocomprehend why someone would machete a child, an innocent being. Manycrimes such as rapes, slander, child abuse, crimes of violence andmurder are mainly crimes borne out of bullying.


Bulliestend to have no regard for the norm and social system that have beenestablished thus resulting to criminal deviance habits. We can ridourselves of these unwanted habits, but first as a society, we haveto create a culture of questioning where our generations can questionactions, which they think violates the principals of morality. And ithas to begin in parenting, schools and other social institutions suchas a church. Bullies have been known to suffer from psychologicaleffects which might lead to suicide deaths. To protect them and otherindividual it is thus crucial that we remain vigilant in the outlookfor the sign and characteristic of bullying at school or home andhelp each other stop them at the prime stage. Bully risks the life ofthe target and his or her own too.


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