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Fallingin and out of Love

Inthe past, I never believed in love at first sight until I met myex-boyfriend (attachname).On the first meet, I treated the date as any of my past first dates,which ideally would end after two or three dates. In addition, I wasat a point whereby I was not searching for anything serious. Hence,most of my relationships at the time did not last long. During theend of the date, I felt that I warmed up to the idea of taking itfurther. However, I still could not predict that this particular daywould have a significant impact on the rest of my life. At the end ofthe day, he kissed me on the cheek and it did not seem awkward, likemy past dates once again. As such, that gave me the green light to gofor the second date.

Thesecond date was a breeze and so were the rest of the meetings. In twoweeks, it was official we were girlfriend and boyfriend. Hence, itis safe to say that this marked some of the happiest days of mysummer (changeto suit actual season).As the relationship progressed, I fell head over heels for my newboyfriend to a point that nothing else mattered. For instance, I putmy relationship before my friends and family. Moreover, I pushed myother aspirations such as graduating, building my career, and takingpart in social functions. At this point, nobody or nothing wouldchange the way I felt about my relationships and the choices I madeat the time.

Noticeably,I was young and foolish. Although I was an adult, I still had manythings to learn about relationships, the world and most importantly,myself. One of the red flags in this situation was falling in lovetoo quick. Admittedly, it happens to the best of us however, fallingin love very fast and at a young age is not healthy. One of thecommon mistakes that I made is moving in together. People oftenwarned me against this but it did not scare me one bit. In fact, noone managed to talk me out of it because I am strong willed andhardheaded. I promised myself that I would figure it out one day at atime. If anything, it brought me closer to my boyfriend in ways thatI could never imagine. Since everything was going great, we gotengaged.

Afterthe engagement, the dynamic in the relationship started to change. Islowly was starting to see things differently. For example, peoplewho knew both of us would look at me differently, give me signals,and behave differently when we were together. It is as if they weretrying to tell me something and I was refusing to listen. Notably, welive in a small town where everybody knows everybody. As such, oneperson would know something about you and the next day, the wholetown would find out. Thus, my decision to rush into an engagementwould come back to haunt me.

Atthe time, small things could result in arguments but I justified allthose experiences as challenging aspects of a relationship. It is atthis time when I started to learn things about myself mostlycharacter traits I have in relationships and in the case wherebythere are third parties. With that said, one of the issues, whichbrought on conflict, was my relationship with his parents. Duringvisits to his parent’s house, I got the feeling that there weredistant. Therefore, I concluded that they did not like me. Myrelationship with his parents is one of the major reasons that mademe second guess the engagement and relationship as a whole. I did notwant to be one of those daughters in laws who could not enjoyweekends and holidays because of family conflict. Apart from this, Ifelt like he kept on pushing me away every time I tried to make aneffort. For example, when he moved out, I tried to make an effort,but he mentioned that they were moving away in one week. Hence, hepreferred that we remain friends for the sake of our friendship. Atthis point, I noticed that some of his character traits and qualitiesput me off. For example, he was selfish, he could not see beyond thistown, and he did not love me the way I wanted to be loved.

Inthe end, we ended the relationship. About a week after calling offthe engagement, I found out that he was cheating on me all along. Asmentioned earlier, we live in a small town where I still meet him ona routine basis. This has made it hard for me to move on given that Isee his truck as he drives by or when he is with his friends. Sadly,it took a year to come to terms with everything. However, it stillhurts when I see him drive by in town.