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Overthe years, animal testing has dominated as the primary form ofscientific research when studying drugs, treatments, and humanresponses to different medical practices (Foxand Mickley 90). However,research indicates that, such experiments are becoming less popularowing to the ethical issues concerning animal cruelty, rising costs,and ineffective to human beings. Hence, even the most experienceddoctors are resorting to alternative methods of scientific research,which are separate to animal testing (Dosseland Wolfgang 34).

Oneof the alternative methods, which do not require animal testing, isthe use of in vitro testing methods. In this case, scientists studyhuman diseases and treatments using human tissues and cells fromdonors. This method is viable seeing, as the use of human organs isessential in solving medical issues that directly affect humanbeings. In turn, doctors have the ability to determine appropriatetreatments when dealing with various ailments (Knight72).

Secondly,a method, which is gaining more recognition, is the computer insilico modeling. Currently, technology is used to simulate humanfunctions and the analysis of progressive diseases in human beings.The review of this method indicates that specialized computer modelscan determine accurate reactions of human beings to new drugs andtreatments.

Lastly,the use of human volunteers has increased over the years. Though thismethod has been used in the past, it is becoming predominant owing tothe significance of using human beings to determine the effectives ofdrugs required for human ailments (Harrisonand Hester 21).

Toconclude, animal testing is slowly losing ground because of theincreased awareness of animal cruelty in the modern society. Hence,it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of new methodsin order to eliminate the use of animals.


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