Collaborating with Specialists essay

Scott’s case study identifies the need to have a team ofprofessionals who would be instrumental in assisting him to recoverfrom the condition that he is facing. An evaluation of the earlyintervention services for Scott would involve professionals each ofwhom has a role to play when it comes to the assessment of hiscondition.

An early intervention case manager should be part of the MET team.The manager has the mandate of making arrangements on how to get theevaluation commenced (Morin, 2014). They are in charge of meetingsand understands where to the type of resources that would be valuablefor the child in helping them recover and the sought of training forthe parent to help deal with the situation.

A psychologist should be included in the MET team for the role theyplay when it comes to the assessment of the child’s overalldevelopment. Further, they have the mandate of observing the child,conducting an intelligence test for them and evaluating their socialand emotional development. The psychologist adds value to the rest ofthe team by facilitating the interpretation of the results andrecommending particular therapy for the child.

A pediatrician is of significance in helping the team work towardsthe realization of the goals they have set in enabling the child torecover. A pediatrician would medically examine Scott to determine ifthere are physical factors that could be associated with the problemspresented by the child. The doctor could check out on physical signsthat may be causing Scott to behave in the manner that he does. Theresults from his assessment would be instrumental in facilitating thebest therapy to help in his recovery.

Finally, a speech therapist may be needed to assist in determiningScott’s communication skills. The child throws tantrums when hefails to get what he wants. Further, he is not sociable and does notengage with the rest of the children. The inability to efficientlyassociate with the other children can be linked to poor communicationskills (Morin, 2014). Because of the same, the speech specialistcould assist in conducting the evaluation to determine how best tohelp Scott to improve his communication.

Discussion Regarding Specific Information

Each of the identified professionals has a crucial role to play whenit comes to the overall assessment of Scott. The individualcontributions made by each professional has an impact on how fastScott would recover from the problem he encounters. The speechtherapist will provide information on communication impairment thatcould be characteristic of Scott (Morin, 2014). Through the same, itwould be possible to link to his behaviors and the underlyingproblem. The pediatrician will give information on physical factorsthat could be related to Scott’s unwelcome behavior (Morin, 2014).The identification of potential physical causes of his behavior mayassist in the determination of the best therapy to be employed tofacilitate his treatment.

The psychologist deals with all the emotional needs of the patient(Morin, 2014). Information from the psychologist will be instrumentalin determining the psychological issues affecting Scott. Further, thepsychologist can provide information regarding where the patient canbe referred.

Rationale for Choices

The choice for each of the identified individuals and specialistsemanates from the fact that they are fundamental in assisting in therecovery of the patient. Further, each of the individuals is anexpert and would positively contribute to the evaluation and eventualassistance of Scott.


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