Web Usability 1




BournemouthUniversity Payment Gateway Usability Test

Thetypical users.

Itmainly serves the Bournemouth university students. School staff andparents or guardians are also served by the system.

Thetask scenarios.

Tasksare such as Students coming into the university by registeringthrough the Online Registration Form. Payment for Sports Memberships.Replacement of certificates or transcripts, through the ReplacementDocument Ordering System. Students and staff who have automobiles usethe Parking Permit service. The CPD web site provides uninterruptedvocation growth. Ad Hoc Payments are used by parents to pay for theirchildren’s fees.

Thegateway connects to many websites that provide fee amenities.

Taskgoals, relevant subtasks and sub-goals.

Thekey task and goal are the handover of documents and funds. Sub-tasksand goals contain the delivery of an easy entrance and recovery tovital essentials such as getting a parking permit and the requestingof certificates and transcripts.

Thewalkthrough is based on answering these questions.

  1. “Will the user know what sub-goal they want to achieve?”

  2. “Will the user notice that is the correct action?”

  3. “Will the user understand that the action can achieve the sub-goal?”

  4. “Does the user get feedback from the action?”

Task:Home Page.

1. Existingusers enter username and password

2. ClickLogin

3. Ifthe username is forgotten, click Forgot Your Username?

4. Ifthe password was forgotten, click Forgot Your Password?

5. Newusers who want an account, click create a new account

6. Newusers who do not want an account, click on the proceed with noaccount button

7. ClickHelp for more information

1.Yes, there are two commands clearly represented.

2.Yes, the actions clearly stand out since they are highlighted with abright color (Lazar,2005).

3.Yes, the users will easily understand that the subgoal is achieved.

4.Yes, they get feedback they proceed to fill out personal details.

OverallScore: (0) No usability problem at all

Task:Personal Details.

1. Populatefield requesting user’s desired username

2. Populatefield requesting user’s desired password

3. Confirmuser’s desired password

4. Selecttitle from drop-down menu

5. Populatefield requesting user’s first name(s)

6. Populatefield requesting user’s family name

7. Populatefield requesting user’s e-mail

8. Confirmuser’s e-mail

9. CompleteCAPTCHA security check

10. ClickContinue

1.Yes, the tables are separated neatly, a security check ensures highdata integrity.

2.Yes, text boxes are well-adjusted showing clear and discreteinstructions.

3.Yes, the continue button helps the user get to the next step oncethey have filled their data correctly.

4.Yes, when the system notices wrong input, a warning is issued withinstructions in red.

OverallScore: (0) No usability problem at all

Task:Billing Address Details.

1. Usersenter the Address section

2. ClickAdd A New Address

3. Populatefield requesting user’s first name(s)

4. Populatefield requesting user’s family name

5. Selectcountry of home addresses from drop-down menu

6. Populatefield requesting the first line of user’s address

7. Populatefield requesting the second line of user’s address

8. Populatefield requesting the user’s town/city

9. Populatefield requesting the user’s county

10. Populatefield requesting the user’s postal code

11. ClickSave when complete

12. ClickCancel to abort

13. Returnto Personal screen

14. Selectbilling address for the order

15. ClickContinue

1.Yes, clear and simple instructions are used.(Chadwick-Diaset al., 2003)

2.Yes, the next web page is accessed by the add a new address button.

3.Yes, it is easily read and one can understand what they are doing.

4.No, the add a new address button and continue button serve the samepurpose, one should not be there. (Nielsen,1994).

OverallScore: (4) Usability catastrophe: imperative to fix this beforeproduct can be released

Task:Payment Card Details.

1. Usersenter the Card section

2. Populatefield requesting the cardholder’s name

3. Selectthe type of card from a drop-down menu

4. Populatefield requesting the card number

5. Selectthe end date from a drop-down menu

6. Populatefield requesting the CVN number

7. ClickContinue

8. Clickback to revert to Address

1.Yes, the icons, make the interface user friendly.

2.Yes, errors are reduced due to the drop down menu.

3.Yes, the drop menus, the icons and help dialog boxes help the user onwhat to do (Becker,2004).

4.Yes, the data entered can be reviewed

OverallScore: (0) No usability problem at all

Task:Order Summary Details.

1. Usersreview transaction details

2. Usersclick Process Payment to confirm

3. Usersclick Back to revert to the previous section

1.Yes, a summary of the order is provided for the user to verify.

2.Yes, the information is simple and well-placed.

3.Yes, any information entered can be edited further on suspicion oferrors.

4.They are several feedback messages per the type of data entered.

OverallScore: (0) No usability problem at all


1. Usersclick Submit to authenticate

1.No. the process is complex and hard to understand

2.Yes, the user has little or no control in this stage.

3.No, they are only provided with one button and that’s what theypress.

4.No, the page should be relegated to the background since the user hasno control.

OverallScore: (4) Usability catastrophe: imperative to fix this beforeproduct can be released

Task:Confirmation Details.

1. ClickPrint this confirmation receipt

1.Yes, all the data is summarized finally.

2.No, lack of navigation buttons may affect amateur users.

3.Yes, the user can understand everything on the screen.

4.Yes, the user can print all the information for future reference.

OverallScore: (1) Aesthetic problem: need not to be fixed unless extra timeis available on project

Task:The Second Option.

1. Populate field requesting user’s first name(s)

2. Populatefield requesting user’s family name

3. Populatefield requesting user’s e-mail

4. Confirmuser’s e-mail

5. CompleteCAPTCHA security check

6. ClickContinue

1.Yes, they enter their contact data without an active account.

2.Yes, a security check is the last step before they move forward.

3.Yes, they can access services even without an account.

4.Yes, once all the required fields are entered they can proceed.

OverallScore: (0) No usability problem at all


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