Coca -Cola System Controls essay

The Company’s System Controls Who does not recognize the banner and brand of Coca-cola (or the Company) in the United States (U. S)? Companies as big as Coca-cola need to secure everything in the organization, especially the assets. Thus, a system of control is a must. Safety goals and standards in the Company is normal and for a big and successful company this can be viewed as being inherent. Some of the system controls of Coca-cola Company includes the following : 1. Fire Protection System to guard everything inside the company’s premises against fire and potential fire losses.

Access Controls prohibiting unauthorized individuals from accessing confidential records and to secure assets. Access cards are used by authorized personnel. 3. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Monitoring to ensure safety and monitor activities as well as to prevent mishaps in the company’s premises 4. Biometric Access and Tracking Control System in some of its plants and offices to control individuals connected with the company and to deter entrance of those who are not authorized.

Although the mentioned controls are more on the physical and accessibility side, they can also relate to the more finer controls such as financial control and internal control. Company employees, for example, in the accounting department would be deterred to collude to tamper records or steal assets (such as cash) because these acts are visible in the CCTV monitor. II. Effectiveness of the Controls Given the modernity of the controls, where there is not so much human intervention, they are more effective and reliable.

Disruption level is very minimal with the said systems. They are versatile and very flexible systems that can securely guard the Company’s assets and ensure smooth and safe operation. III. The Good and the Bad Side of Control Usage As mentioned, the systems are more effective than traditional human safe guarding abilities. Moreover, these system are automated, thus, not so much effort and knowledge is needed to implement and understand them. On the bad side, they are very costly.

Moreover, they are still under the management of some humans, like the monitoring of CCTV screens, thus the system is still susceptible to errors and manipulation. In short, no system is absolutely good offering perfect results. III. Impact of Controls Upon Four Management Functions System controls may greatly affect the four management functions: “planning, organising, leading and controlling” (Ackroyd & Fleetwood, 2000, p. 31) a. Planning: The controls do not have very well defined relation back to the planning function because planning happens before the controls.

However, with a degree of reliance upon the system’s control, better planning can be achieved.. b. Organizing: Organization is better enhanced with the presence of strong system controls. Appointing personnel is enhanced by the fact that the control systems around are working. Better work assignments is achieved when there is no security and system problems to worry about. c. Leading: This function is better performed with the presence of effective controls within the organization.

Managers can lead better trusting their subordinates can also perform better because they are being monitored and controlled. d. Controlling. This function, as the name suggests, is mostly affected with the presence of control systems. Company operation is controlled for safety purposes and for any other good purpose with the presence of a good controlling system. In this matter asset loss is deterred while personnel performance is improved.


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