Cloud Storage essay


Amongthe emergent technologies in our time, I favor and follow the cloudstorage. It is a model of storing digital data in logical locations.The physical storage spans various servers that can include physicallocations, and the physical setting owes its rights of management andoperation to a hosting company. It is the responsibility of the cloudstorage providers to ensure that the data is always available and hasan easy and quick access. Additionally, they must ensure the physicalsetting is operational and protected, with an additional role ofprotecting the data in the cloud storage (Rao, 2015). The people ororganizations now proceed and lease or buy space from the cloudstorage providers and use the capacity to store application data,user data, and structure data. The users can access their capacityfrom a cloud computer set-up, or from a web application program, orthrough various applications that manipulate Application ProgrammingInterface (API).

Thereare straight benefits of using cloud storage that also pertain to thetechnology being emergent. Usability is among the benefits since allcloud storage facilities allow Mac’s and PCs. They enable the userto drag and drop files between the local storage of the user to thecloud storage. The cloud storage saves on bandwidths (Rao, 2015).Instead of sharing folders and files in emails, the new storageallows the user to give a link that will open the intendedinformation. Accessibility of data is easy from any location, with arequirement of internet provision only (Rao, 2015). The cloud storageoffers a quick disaster recovery plan for organizations and acts as abackup plan for the organization (Rao, 2015). The processes of cloudstorage are cost-effective, as they do not require additionalcomputer hardware and personnel to store data as compared to thesolid-state storages.


Rao,M. N. (2015). Cloudcomputing.Place of publication not identified: Prentice-Hall Of India.


Irecently acquired a new phone that allows me to back-up all of myfiles to the cloud, by a mere click. The files extend to coverdocuments, music, and progress on games. The cloud storage servicenarrows to store my photos once I capture them on the camera on mydevice. I find it interesting that the emergent technology offers theusers with such a huge flexibility and relief from the constant usageof the sold state storages. What is more amazing is the unendingspace and capacity to store things to the cloud storage.“Furthermore, services such as Amazon Web Services S3 storage canbe set up with policies to control and automate access and archiving”(&quotBenefitsof | Pros &amp Cons of | Barclays&quot,2016).With such power of modification and oversight, I think every personshould transfer to the cloud storage for personal and businessusages.

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