Climate change essay

Climate change has been tagged as one of the greatest threats facing the world today. It has been found that the cyclones, melting of ice and rising sea level which causes tsunami and heavy flooding are manifestations of the changing climate (Emanuel, 668). Contributing factors are the greenhouse gases which are also the wrongdoings of the people in the environment. One of the recommendations to put a halt into this mess the climate has created is to reduce the emissions of the greenhouse gases adding up to the atmosphere. Meanwhile, one of the booming businesses in the world is petroleum which makes countries in the Middle East rich.

Many countries around the world depend on them because this fuels vehicles and other devices and implements around the world. But it is criticized by many environmentalists because it was found out in research studies that one of the greenhouse gases can be found in the fossil fuels which can be emitted by petroleum (Ruddiman, 205-209). Alternatives had been introduced to the consumers in order to lessen the greenhouse gas emissions such as using biodiesels. Biodiesels are produced out of plants that are capable of producing diesels. Many of the stations are switching to biodiesel which they see important in helping the environment.

But this created a stir to the businesses that are making profits out of the petroleum which they think are not that harmful to the environment. According to the business establishments petroleum can add to the emissions but surely are not significant in making the atmosphere thicker there are still other contributing factors which contributes a bigger part in the pie. They say that using biodiesel in vehicles will cost much to the vehicle owner because of transfiguration that should be done with the vehicles so that it will not cause damage to the vehicles.

Another thing is that using the alternatives cost much higher compared to what have been used before.

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