Classification Essay essay


Humanbeings are social beings who depend on each other. As people grow,they learn to distinguish and value different kinds of friends.Friends that people have in their lives can be categorized intodifferent groups depending on the things that they know about aperson’s life. Everyday people interact with different people inschool, at the gym, in the church, or at home thus, making anencounter with friends a common phenomenon. Therefore, this essaywill discuss different categories of friends.

Thefirst kind of friends is called an acquaintance. This is the kind offriends that one basically knows by names alone (Whitfield 48). It iseasy to forget about their physical appearance when one moves awayfrom them. These kinds of friends are the ones that a person meets onthe bus, in school or at work. A person does not necessarily missthem when he/she is not around them.

Thesecond category of friends is known as the social partners. Socialpartners are usually closer than acquaintances, but not as close astrue friends. These types of friends usually evolve through regularmeetings when participating in extracurricular activities. In thiscase, one knows about the social partner name, a little about theirbackground, share common interests and knows a little about what theylike or dislike. Social partners always try to keep the conversationinteresting, but they will not give a person a shoulder to lean onwhen one is faced with difficulties in life.

Thethird category of friends is called the best friends. These are thetype of friends that a person knows for a long period. In most cases,these are the type of friends that one is brought up together with.These kinds of friends make out everything about one another, and aperson is familiar with these friends. Sometimes, this category offriends constitutes the relatives. Since one knows their habits, itis easy to tell when there is a problem. These are the kind offriends with whom one can share his/her problems (Whitfield 55).

Anothercategory of friends is the good-time Charlie. This is the category offriends that a person hangs out with for the sole purpose of having agood time or eliminating stress (Whitfield 58). This category offriends can be considered reliable when a person is in a fix.

Inconclusion, it is important to note the kind of friends that a personhas in his/her life. The different categories of friends are criticalsince it would be easy to know the category of friends that one wouldengage in different issues.


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